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What happens in Stationfall, stays in Stationfall

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…mainly because so few people live.

I’ve played a number of 2p games with the TaoLing (back from college for Spring Break). Like the cyborg says, I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe.

  • A tentacled horror climbed into the station from the void, only to be instantly firebombed on the next action by the Inspector. The Psychic Rat then mind-controlled the Engineer (carrying the rat) and Inspector into the fire, where the rat gleefully watched the flames consume all of its enemies. Well, some of them.
  • The Astrochimp “accidentally” discharged his gun in a shuttle, damaging it right as it launched. Oops.
  • The Colonel achieving everything he could have possibly wanted, including have the Legal robot give him an NDA (after said Robot had been dumped into magnetic containment, erasing its prior loyalty!), only to discover that the Stranger had methodically disabled the remaining shuttles.
  • The pirate code? It’s really more of a guideline.
  • So. Many. Incoming. Missiles.
  • The phrase “I’m pretty safe here,” is just asking for trouble. (Gun through airlock, tentacle through vent …. firebombs all over the place).
  • “Can I borrow your gun?” “Sure” “Thanks.” (Shoots giver). (Pro tip — at least in a 2p game, if your character has a gun, you really should consider revealing).
  • I don’t know what the count of people who died because they needed one more minute is, but its high.
  • An apparently dominant victory (18-4) nullified via leaked psychiatric records.
  • Legalbot — “Thank you for signing the company NDA.” (Releases unconscious chimp paw from the pad it had just been pressed against),
  • Astrochimp thought he was winning …. and he was, until the Death Ray vaporized his pod.
  • “It’s normal to put the monkey in the airlock.”
  • “Well, you killed my character in the first minute, but my backup… oh, he’s down now too.”
  • The maintenance clone got into the pod and set it for launch….and then a minute later (as the pod was launching) shapeshifts to reveal the Consort smugly heading to the mesosphere…

The 2p game is certainly more tactical, and our (2p) meta is rapidly changing, but so far I’ve personally discovered lots of ways to lose. Full review probably in the next week or so.


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March 11, 2023 at 11:01 pm

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