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Holiday Time Waster?

If you’ve got some mindless game recommendation for the holidays, have at them. Open thread. I downloaded the Factorio demo, wasn’t impressed. On the hunt…


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December 22, 2016 at 7:06 pm

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Memory is the … somethingth …. thing to go.

What was the name of that space game where you are collecting aliens for an intergalactic zoo, and that is the worst job in the universe?

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December 15, 2016 at 7:46 pm

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The GMT P500 is like The Godfather, Part III

Because “Just when I think I’m out…”

I said to myself for the last few years “After 1846, I’m done” and yet I find myself with two pre-orders (Mr. President and Wild Blue Yonder) and so much temptation. (And I haven’t been able to game much since getting ’46, so I haven’t played it! It needs at least 3, so it’s only a game night option).

I mean, I know that the GMT games are often good, but not the sort of thing I’ll play enough to justify a purchase (usually). But damn, I want to order a large chunk of their December list. I mean, I know that Triumph and Tragedy is unlikely to get more than one game a year (so I’m glad I didn’t get it), but come’on.

  • A “No Retreat” West Front game?
  • Another East Front game by Carl Paradis that is even more introductory? (But I haven’t played NR #1 in years…)
  • SpaceCorp, a space biz game that’s solo-able. This is intriguing, but I think I’ll just keep an eye on it.
  • Hitler’s Reich, Another “All of WWII” in 6 hours or less game. (I’m a sucker for strategic WWII). (This one has a ton of articles on Inside GMT, so I may investigate it in some detail).
  • And if that wasn’t enough, a second “All of WW II” game Cataclysm. I’ve ordered and cancelled this once already.
  • My old gaming buddy Wray Ferrel has a new game, Time of Crisis.
  • An 18th Century game covering England vs France by the Twilight Struggle designers? (Imperial Struggle). OK, I’m not instantly sold (I did sell my copy of TS, after all).

But for now I’m holding off at two. My theory is that if I get a more war-gamey group, they’ll have more wargames I can play.

Ironically I’m not too interested in the “Reverse B-12” game Skies Above the Reich, which is a dedicated solo game. Or the Soloable WWI game Fields of Despair.

What do my GMT/Wargamer Illuminati friends think? Open thread time…

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December 3, 2016 at 10:55 am

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I wonder what else I don’t know

After spending ~20 hours playing Magic Realm this weekend, I’ve been wondering what other games I might really enjoy that I’ve missed. It’s undoubtedly a small number. In fact, one of the common themes I’ve noticed is that “Games I was taught by non-gamers” is probably the only constant, because teaching rules well is hard. (I don’t think I’m necessarily better than others, but at least I teach them quickly.

Game First, Rules Later.

The next candidate game I can think of that might actually be good (but my experience with it was mediocre): Divine Right. I remember little about it, but the idea of the non-player kingdoms having rulers that were like little AIs with their own irrationalities strikes me as a good idea. But it has been 25+ years since I played. More (sigh).

I’m not saying it was good, I’m just saying it may be better than I remember. And I’m not actively looking for a copy — since its not a solo-able game — but perhaps I should play it again if I get the chance. And I felt like I should have a non-MR thread. (“Tao of Gaming, Manic/Depressive writing for way too many years.” Not a bad slogan).

So consider this the open thread for games you went back and rediscovered, or just want to spout off on.

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November 28, 2016 at 7:57 pm

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So … I picked up Colony

I rationalize it because a) I heard good things about it and b) there’s a game store 6 minutes (~2 miles) from my house? I should buy something from them. (It was actually a pretty cool store, with a terrible web site, and I wish them luck).

Also — the new Blood Bowl is out? Who knew? I could do with that becoming popular again.

Anyway, I played some solitaire games of Colony. It’s OK solitaire, we’ll see how it is multiplayer.

On the Media Front…, iFinished iZombie’s fun second season, and am now wondering what’s next. I’ve been watching Columbo, which annoys the TaoLing and occasionally reminds me how much the world has changed.

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November 26, 2016 at 9:08 pm

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Mulling Mule-ing

So I see that Funagain has an Essen Mule service. I’m honestly not that into the loop to know if there’s something that may be worth taking a chance on or ordering, although I’m in no big hurry. So, consider this the Essen Open thread.

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October 2, 2016 at 4:53 pm

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It was bound to happen

I think I’ve burned out on Mage Knight for a while … a quick check of my year to date games log shows 80 plays this year, which is impressive but I’m suffering diminishing hedonic returns … so away the game goes with my final two articles on ice until such a time as I’m not burned out.

I may also — to a lesser extent — be burned out on bridge after some mediocre sessions where I’m either over- or under-thinking. At least I qualified for the club level of the NAOP. Last year was embarrassing in that we had to go to an out-of-the-way club to make the final qualifier after posting a sub 50% game in a terrible field once or twice. Just one of those games where I make a ton of mistakes and some of my good/reasonable decisions fail.

Similar to yesterday: Stupid mistakes mixed with hands where we get to the correct place to no avail. A nice safe 3m when 2N is dangerous because one suit only has a half stopper (Kx in dummy) so even if it is a stopper we need to find 7 more quick tricks. Of course every card is on so 2N makes 3 to outscore us. But I sadly admit the mistakes were a bigger factor than the bad luck in the last few games.

Still — at least I won’t have to scramble to qualify. (It really annoys me that there is perhaps one qualifying game a month that is not during working hours). I’ve got no bridge (except online) scheduled for a few weeks, and that should be enough to get out of this funk. MK may be a bit longer. (If the TaoLing asks to play, then I’ll still play, but I think it may be time to pull out Sentinels…)

Also time to start perusing the store shelves and BGG and just buy a game. I haven’t actually done that in a while (apart from Food Chain Magnate). We’ll also have some extended family in town, so I will probably play the closet game to figure out what may be interesting for the seven year old niece as well as the not-quite-eye-rolling-age-teenager nephews, should they declare that they are bored. Probably stick with some classic high luck games, or the newer staples like King of New York.

Hopefully that will get the spark back.

In any case — since the store thing is an option, (and I actually swung by the store last week, but I had barely heard anything about the new games) I’m wondering what to buy. Another Dominion expansion seems safe enough… Rebellion intrigued me, but I still have War of the Ring for that itch. So — open thread on new obsessions!

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June 26, 2016 at 9:48 am