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The Tao of Gaming Labor Day ’21 Sale

Mayhaps there is something of interest to you. (It is past time where I admit I’m not playing these games again unless an opponent already has a copy. And — as usual — this is spurred on by the recent dramatic housecleaning which has led us to wonder “Do we really need this” and dump box after box of games / books / other stuff to the trash, library, goodwill, or sales. I got rid of ~20 games at a flea market today for a few bucks and a copy of It’s a Wonderful World, which Mrs. Tao likes).

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September 4, 2021 at 9:45 pm

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Fifteen to Go

I’ve added another entry in my “Fifty by Fifty” Geeklist. No points for guessing the game.

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February 5, 2017 at 12:32 pm


Steffan O’Sullivan has announced that he is writing the Princess Bride Roleplaying game. A little birdy told me this last year, but I’m glad to see it publicly revealed.

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January 20, 2017 at 9:49 pm

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Because I am insane

If anyone has a copy of Magic Realm they want to part with shoot me a message and let me know what you’d want. I’d also consider any other monstrous solitaire-able game.

Update — That was fast! I have accepted an offer, so I don’t think I need a second copy just yet.

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November 4, 2016 at 3:46 pm

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It was bound to happen

I think I’ve burned out on Mage Knight for a while … a quick check of my year to date games log shows 80 plays this year, which is impressive but I’m suffering diminishing hedonic returns … so away the game goes with my final two articles on ice until such a time as I’m not burned out.

I may also — to a lesser extent — be burned out on bridge after some mediocre sessions where I’m either over- or under-thinking. At least I qualified for the club level of the NAOP. Last year was embarrassing in that we had to go to an out-of-the-way club to make the final qualifier after posting a sub 50% game in a terrible field once or twice. Just one of those games where I make a ton of mistakes and some of my good/reasonable decisions fail.

Similar to yesterday: Stupid mistakes mixed with hands where we get to the correct place to no avail. A nice safe 3m when 2N is dangerous because one suit only has a half stopper (Kx in dummy) so even if it is a stopper we need to find 7 more quick tricks. Of course every card is on so 2N makes 3 to outscore us. But I sadly admit the mistakes were a bigger factor than the bad luck in the last few games.

Still — at least I won’t have to scramble to qualify. (It really annoys me that there is perhaps one qualifying game a month that is not during working hours). I’ve got no bridge (except online) scheduled for a few weeks, and that should be enough to get out of this funk. MK may be a bit longer. (If the TaoLing asks to play, then I’ll still play, but I think it may be time to pull out Sentinels…)

Also time to start perusing the store shelves and BGG and just buy a game. I haven’t actually done that in a while (apart from Food Chain Magnate). We’ll also have some extended family in town, so I will probably play the closet game to figure out what may be interesting for the seven year old niece as well as the not-quite-eye-rolling-age-teenager nephews, should they declare that they are bored. Probably stick with some classic high luck games, or the newer staples like King of New York.

Hopefully that will get the spark back.

In any case — since the store thing is an option, (and I actually swung by the store last week, but I had barely heard anything about the new games) I’m wondering what to buy. Another Dominion expansion seems safe enough… Rebellion intrigued me, but I still have War of the Ring for that itch. So — open thread on new obsessions!

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June 26, 2016 at 9:48 am

Some light dusting

I’m doing some light dusting around the site this week. Fixing up the old blogroll (I need to go actually read those blogs from time to time! I’ve been busy), compressing the archives (now a drop down box instead of a huge list of 10 years, one month at a time), cleaning up the categories, and whatnot. So if you see something that should be fixed, here’s the place to let me know.

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April 17, 2016 at 8:38 pm

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2014 Pledge Drive

OK, not really. But if you wanted a game that I had for sale, that would work, too.

Happy New Year.

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January 1, 2014 at 2:05 am

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Official Burnout, but some Sentinels and MK thoughts

I’m burned out. I’ve been going to gaming, playing for maybe an hour, and then heading out for several weeks. So I’m taking a few weeks off.  Given my already reduced publishing schedule, you won’t see much difference. Although I may write up No Retreat 2 at some point, and I’m wondering whether to take advantage of the GMT 1/2 off sale to buy anything. I suppose I could get more Combat Commander scenarios, but I haven’t played it much recently. I’m tempted by lots of stuff, but honestly, would I play it?

So, open thread on that.

And I did notice that the computerized WiF is supposedly coming soon. Again, not something I’d desperately get, but it’s tempting. This is the sort of game I tried to play, but it was just too damn big.

I’m still playing games at home, though.

I printed out some of the Sentinels Promo characters — Team Leader Tachyon is a straight improvement over Tachyon (more HP, better power). Bunker of War can be amazing against the right villains (killing an ongoing is huge). The new Tempest seems like a downgrade. The new wraiths are situational. I like Young Legacy. The Fanatic Redeemer can be nice, again, situational. I’ll be trying the rest soon. This will hit 50 plays probably in next week.

I’ll get the Krang expansion for MK as soon as I see it. (I may still run by the store to get it). The combo of today’s earlier game against Legendary Volkare was fun:

  1. Play the emerald ring for infinite green and black.
  2. Play a black mana with the Altem Mages (I think) to turn all my attacks into Siege attacks.
  3. Play Into the Heat (with red mana) to give all my units +3 to their attacks.
  4. Spend 24 attack from units, plus
  5. Spend a blue (with a green and black) for 8 more attack from Manabolt.
  6. Use a variety of other cards and skills for about 16 more attack, all siege.
  7. Wipe out all 12 tokens facing during the ranged attack phase.
  8. Because it’s Volkare and cooperative, that’s only half his army. (The TaoLing faced the other half, and dealt with 3 of the four big units, but left the rest), so then … discard the Banner of (Courage?) to ready all of my units, so that I can do Steps 2,4 and 6 again next turn….

I defeated 20 units in two turns while taking a single wound. I think that’s a record. Then again, since we were holed up in the Red city, and the Taoling had +5 Reputation and +3 Influence (with Wolfhawk) and 4 markers on the city, he could recruit a free artifact every turn. He ended with 8. Combo-tastic.



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October 26, 2013 at 2:36 pm

2012 Year in Review

Happy New Year!

Well, not much writing for me this year. There are only so many hours in the week, and thankfully I spend a fair chunk of them playing games with the TaoLing, a regular gaming group, and two sessions of Bridge.

Also, I’m much less on the bleeding edge of gaming. The world of the net is quite different from when I started (pre-BGG, rolling HTML by hand) and I’m happy to just chime in my opinion. Sometimes a game grips me for a few thousand words, but if not, I’m not forcing it.

Both my Game of the Year (Netrunner) and Runner up (Eclipse) are expensive games that have a decent mix of luck and skill, quick playing time (Eclipse is quick compared to the genre), and a steep investment of time and money. Some of the new batch (that I’ve played) didn’t strike me as JASE, but most of it did. Even some games I liked (Terra Mystica).


Reviews —

Other Posts of Note —

Five and Dimes

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December 31, 2012 at 11:59 pm

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Games for Sale

You know you probably don’t want them, but once you look you can’t help yourself.

Edit — Link Fixed

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May 26, 2012 at 11:05 am

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