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On the new games front —


I haven’t been actively avoiding new games, but I haven’t been jumping into them either. I’ve been revisiting old games. I suppose I should try Seasons, at least.

  • I got a copy of expansion #2 to Smarty Party, which I didn’t know existed. It’s still infuriating.
  • I (finally) printed out the 2nd edition rules for No Retreat! I need to get that back to the table. This is one of the few games I’m planning on bringing to the Gathering to play. I was inspired by the latest P500 geeklist, which had a number of interesting sounding games. I preordered four (including the new No Retreat! for North Africa, which should be out in a 3-4 months).¬† I may wake up and undo the other three, as they are all long games.
  • Best¬†Who Would Win Debate I’ve ever heard — Conan vs Darth Vader at Science Fair. Not a great game, but amusing.
  • Now that Isotropic is dead, played a few games of Dominion (Dark Ages) face to face. Still good.
  • Also played a few games of Ticket to Ride (1910), Wiz War, Alhambra and a few older games got a play as well over the last month.
  • Coup is still the go-to filler de jour. I’ll probably have fifty plays within 48 hours. Netrunner broke 150 plays recently.

(FYI — My P500s — No Retreat! The North African Front, Churchill, Unconditional Surrender and The Supreme Commander).

Written by taogaming

April 7, 2013 at 9:41 am

Experience, Purchases, Leagues and Euros

So, last night we sat down for Notre Dame, and then a few people showed up. I missed all four games.

But I did play Wiz-war, for the first time in five years or so. Since I saw my extended stats by Friendless I toss unplayed games into the bag. [That page doesn’t seem to count games played before 2004, so my ‘Friendless’ stat is really closer to -30. Still really high.]

Two months ago I’d ‘probably’ buy Notre Dame. Now, I’m wavering. There’s a local copy (that’s nice). I expect I’d get to 10 plays, so I can’t blame a purchase. But … should the standard be “Will I play it 10 more times?”

‘Ten more times’ is arbitrary, perhaps a better metric would be “10 hours.” Looking towards the future instead of the past should influence more of my purchasing decision. I’m not trying to maximize gaming time per unit of money spent (or anything), but I find myself pausing before buying.

At least for Euros. I just bought Strat-o-matic. We’re starting a league.

From a strict gaming standpoint, this is madness. A single game offers the manager a bare handful of decisions. Real fans watch the players, we just watch dice. You get to say “No bunt” or “I’ll put on a hit and run” or “Let’s put in the reliever.” I made more decisions playing Roma.

But leagues, as I’ve noted before (with Blood Bowl), add depth. It’s true in baseball (with pitching rotations, injuries, etc); but we’re still closer to ‘activity’ than ‘game.’

Sports, unlike Euros, provide instant narrative. Part of me spent last night rolling dice and reading charts; I delighted in witnessing the lowly Orioles shellack Curt Schilling and the Red Sox. (Really, can you name any Oriole? I couldn’t name 3, and I lived there …)

Yet more proof that I value narrative above gameplay. (Sometimes). I’m just following a trail Sumo left over a decade ago.

Oh, and does anyone recommend a good baseball stats package (freeware)?

Update: Now that I’ve thought about it, I was a bit hard on Strato. I probably made roughly as many decisions/hour as my last poker game.

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June 12, 2007 at 6:03 pm