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Quick Hits

T2R: Old West is pretty good. I like the idea of stations that ‘steal’ points on their routes and the fact that you must expand from existing track (or station).

Played another game of Arkwright. It was tough going (9 months between games) but it’s growing on me. I’d like to try again.

Also — I’ve never played EVE Online, but stories like this make me respect it …. from a distance.


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January 9, 2019 at 8:01 pm

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Memorial Weekend Gaming

I finally tried Evolution — we played a six player “Quick start” rules (since there were several new players). Apparently — for I did not read the rules — the difference is that all card plays are roughly simultaneous, as compared to around the board each turn. This does speed things up (and may perhaps be worthwhile to play with 3-5 players). Honestly, I like many of the evolution games I’ve tried. (Which reminds me, I need to try the Bios line … isn’t there a 2nd ed of megafauna coming out?) And judging by the umpty-million expansions, this is a popular title.

I’m firmly in the “It’s perfectly fine” camp, but both the TaoLing and the Cute One liked it, so I may pick up a copy.

Also played Songbirds, although I played a Japanese copy that had “Birdie Fight” (much better name).  You take turns playing birds in a grid, and the bird (suit) that wins each row/column scores it, but you score the bird (and value) of the card you kept. More clever than gripping.

And speaking of expansions, played Ticket to Ride: Rails and Snails. Firstly, the possibilities for knicknaming this game overwhelm the senses. (“Trails of Snails” is my favorite so far — and possibly a good band name — but it’s early days).  This is the 8th different version of TtR I’ve played; and its fine although does start to feel like a “too many notes” situation. Fiddly setup (having to count out trains and ships and then select some) and trains and ships in 6 (?) different suits, some ships being double and some cards being harbors and pretty big hands sizes. That being said, it still works. (We got a rule or two wrong, but it’s a resilient design).

I think all the new games were indifferent-ish, but I’d play them all another time or two.

As for old games….

We dusted off BSG, for my first play in years. (Sadly, one player had to leave mid-game, which made it … odd, and a Cylon rout).

Played my 100th game of Coup. Played another game of Food Chain Magnate, Too Many Cinderellas, some Jump Drive …. all told, lots of gaming.

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May 29, 2018 at 10:10 pm

Ticket to Ride — Team Asia

Played Team Asia today. It’s clever. You and your teammate each get 27 trains, and whenever you draw cards one goes to you and one goes to the community pool. Also, whenever you get tickets one goes to the community pool and you keep the rest if any. So each partner knows about 2/3rds of the tickets you are trying to get, and you can signal (via colors) what you want your partner to do, but (according to the rules) there’s no table talk.

(Of course, the easy way to win is still draw tickets that work together. I got Delhi to (long route to the NE) and Delhi to a Bangalore and I kept one other minor ticket. I put the long route to indicate those were the two major endpoints. And my partner revealed another long E-W route on the northern edge, so both of our ~17 point tickets used 80% of the same track).

I wouldn’t buy it, but I have plenty of TTR. Still, I enjoyed this a lot more than TTR Africa.

Rating — Indifferent+

The highlight of the day — an 8 year old pixie laughing with glee as she slaughtered the assembled adults in King of Tokyo. And that makes 25 plays for KoT. (Also made 75 FTF games of To Court the King)

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June 14, 2014 at 9:50 pm

On the new games front —


I haven’t been actively avoiding new games, but I haven’t been jumping into them either. I’ve been revisiting old games. I suppose I should try Seasons, at least.

  • I got a copy of expansion #2 to Smarty Party, which I didn’t know existed. It’s still infuriating.
  • I (finally) printed out the 2nd edition rules for No Retreat! I need to get that back to the table. This is one of the few games I’m planning on bringing to the Gathering to play. I was inspired by the latest P500 geeklist, which had a number of interesting sounding games. I preordered four (including the new No Retreat! for North Africa, which should be out in a 3-4 months).  I may wake up and undo the other three, as they are all long games.
  • Best Who Would Win Debate I’ve ever heard — Conan vs Darth Vader at Science Fair. Not a great game, but amusing.
  • Now that Isotropic is dead, played a few games of Dominion (Dark Ages) face to face. Still good.
  • Also played a few games of Ticket to Ride (1910), Wiz War, Alhambra and a few older games got a play as well over the last month.
  • Coup is still the go-to filler de jour. I’ll probably have fifty plays within 48 hours. Netrunner broke 150 plays recently.

(FYI — My P500s — No Retreat! The North African Front, Churchill, Unconditional Surrender and The Supreme Commander).

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April 7, 2013 at 9:41 am

To Blathe

I’ve been playing some games, in between recent Bridge and Rock Band (just defeated the Nightmare Setlist on Medium. I’ll finish out Pro Guitar on Medium this weekend, I imagine. Hard will probably live up to its name). Lots of Bluffing games, on the board game front.

  • Kakerlaken Poker — If you play with a lot of people, then you need to lower the victory (well, loss) conditions. There’s a surprising amount of … something … in this game, because I don’t consider myself skilled at bluffing games but I’m pretty damned good at this.
  • Skull and Roses — My variant (you can add one disc when you raise the bidding) seems to work pretty well. Decent filler.
  • Hanabi or Ikebana or whichever is the cooperative one — A perfectly fine whatever it is, which I will allow ‘game’ because of the flexibility of the English Language, not because I believe it to be one. A fine activity. I’d rather play a game.
  • Black Friday — After a dozen games, I’m pretty sure what the optimal time to start buying silver is. As the strategy space (in my mind) shrinks, the amount of luck grows. I think I’m almost done with this. It had a good run.
  • Medici — Blast from the past.
  • Marklin — Dittio, but more recent.
  • SNCF — (Did I mention this) I wanted to play this, and I was disappointed by the result. A bit too much groupthink and hosage, and not enough underlying value.

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May 5, 2011 at 9:20 pm