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What should a Kid’s Game teach?

Beyond a certain point, games only teach things about that game. For all of it’s intellectual appearance, a chess master just evaluating a position and calculates a search tree. Which isn’t to say that those skills are wasted …. being able to look ahead and say “If I Do X, then my opponent will do Y” and go through several ply of moves … that’s a huge skill for kids.

But does it translate to anything? In real life, you don’t get such solid answers as chess provides. Perhaps Bridge is a better training, since you can make the correct play and still wind up losing. That’s not a bad lesson. Is Dominion a good game? Less rote than chess, but you have to analyze a board and come up with a plan. Perhaps a bit too much luck, but again, them’s the breaks.

Which is a roundabout method of saying that the youngest Taoling asked to learn Dominion. He didn’t do horribly (although I nudge him towards a reasonable setup), and he earned a tie in one of the games. (Like many new players, he was infatuated by too many actions).

Anyway, for the most part this is just us playing a game, but in looking at it I’m not sure it’s less useful than Chess. If nothing else he’ll learn how to shuffle. Eventually.


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January 23, 2011 at 9:43 pm

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