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Starship Merchants Followup

Now that I’ve played Starship Merchants seven times … I’m not feeling it.

I can predict in the short term reasonably well, but long term predictions feels like a “Butterfly effect” … a small opening change has hard to predict mid-game effects, and while it’s interesting, it seems random to me. Some games I run away with, some I get crushed, and I can’t see the difference.

The game trims away a bit too much for my tastes.

New Rating — Indifferent.

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September 19, 2012 at 8:05 pm

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Living Just Enough …

… for The City.

At the bonus game day I managed to get in 3 games of The City. The shame of the City is that it’s a german city, full of Engomlecht and Beningbotten and “juede wuerte,” and just enough foreign language to feel really offputting. I’ll be printing out the English paste ups pretty soon and sleeving them with the cards, which will hopefully get the game more play.

As Larry Levy once said, “Just like Tom to build a filler with a learning curve.” The city is a primal “Build Money then convert to VP” engine, with enough different cards and combinations to make the 8 buildings you create interesting. I just wish I could get a copy in English.

Rating — Suggest.

Also played two more games of Eclipse, and a game of Starship Merchants. Still enjoying those. (We’re seeing more early/midgame attacking and traitors in Eclipse, which makes it more interesting).

Finally, got in another game of Age of Industry, and it’s growing on me. Shockingly (for a Wallace game), cash feels a bit too free. And the rules just don’t stick in my mind as well as other games, but I’ve upped my rating. It’s a (mild) suggest. I do like that (for the expansion) all the relevant changes are printed on the map. About time.

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August 11, 2012 at 11:27 pm

Starship Merchants Bridging the New World’s Eclipse

That pretty much sums up my last week of gaming.

Starship Merchants — I’ve played three games and I enjoy it. I wrote a session report for my first two games, my 3rd was a 2-player affair that ended before the Mark IIIs showed up. I do worry (as at least one other poster has) that the 2 player game has a decent first player advantage. Yes, the second player can see and react but a) the first player will win a final run declaration (if the game is a dead heat) and (more importantly) b) the first player can see the available market and know which card he’ll buy if he only gets one ship. I think these apply in the 3+ game, as well, but it’s a lot more fluid, I think. Still in the honeymoon phase, though.

Bridge — Apart from crushing the weekly weaky club game again (seriously, the only good night game conflicts with my game night), the unit had an individual game with 22 tables. Sadly, at least 10 of those tables were atrocious, so it was a pot shoot. (Any individual event is, but if it were roughly the strength of a sectional event that would be one thing. This was “people who don’t know rebids after 1C-1H.” One of my better partners went down in a cold 3N … but at least realized her mistake). Actually, I’d do that again, as I think individuals are good for the game. I like the more obscure formats, and I’d like to see multi-session individuals (culling the field after each session). I think the ACBL should have one prestige individual event a year (not that I attend nationals).

Eclipse — Still enjoying this.

Mundus Novus — Cute. I’d play it again. Pleasantly indifferent.

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August 1, 2012 at 2:42 pm