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Official Burnout, but some Sentinels and MK thoughts

I’m burned out. I’ve been going to gaming, playing for maybe an hour, and then heading out for several weeks. So I’m taking a few weeks off.  Given my already reduced publishing schedule, you won’t see much difference. Although I may write up No Retreat 2 at some point, and I’m wondering whether to take advantage of the GMT 1/2 off sale to buy anything. I suppose I could get more Combat Commander scenarios, but I haven’t played it much recently. I’m tempted by lots of stuff, but honestly, would I play it?

So, open thread on that.

And I did notice that the computerized WiF is supposedly coming soon. Again, not something I’d desperately get, but it’s tempting. This is the sort of game I tried to play, but it was just too damn big.

I’m still playing games at home, though.

I printed out some of the Sentinels Promo characters — Team Leader Tachyon is a straight improvement over Tachyon (more HP, better power). Bunker of War can be amazing against the right villains (killing an ongoing is huge). The new Tempest seems like a downgrade. The new wraiths are situational. I like Young Legacy. The Fanatic Redeemer can be nice, again, situational. I’ll be trying the rest soon. This will hit 50 plays probably in next week.

I’ll get the Krang expansion for MK as soon as I see it. (I may still run by the store to get it). The combo of today’s earlier game against Legendary Volkare was fun:

  1. Play the emerald ring for infinite green and black.
  2. Play a black mana with the Altem Mages (I think) to turn all my attacks into Siege attacks.
  3. Play Into the Heat (with red mana) to give all my units +3 to their attacks.
  4. Spend 24 attack from units, plus
  5. Spend a blue (with a green and black) for 8 more attack from Manabolt.
  6. Use a variety of other cards and skills for about 16 more attack, all siege.
  7. Wipe out all 12 tokens facing during the ranged attack phase.
  8. Because it’s Volkare and cooperative, that’s only half his army. (The TaoLing faced the other half, and dealt with 3 of the four big units, but left the rest), so then … discard the Banner of (Courage?) to ready all of my units, so that I can do Steps 2,4 and 6 again next turn….

I defeated 20 units in two turns while taking a single wound. I think that’s a record. Then again, since we were holed up in the Red city, and the Taoling had +5 Reputation and +3 Influence (with Wolfhawk) and 4 markers on the city, he could recruit a free artifact every turn. He ended with 8. Combo-tastic.



Written by taogaming

October 26, 2013 at 2:36 pm

Why I’ve got little to say

I’m playing the same games over and over. Right now I have five Quarters for the year, and only one of them (Coup) is short (and I have almost 50 plays of that). Netrunner is fairly fast (~20 minutes) but  I’m over 80 games so far. The others are Bridge (2-3 hours per session), Sentinels of the Multiverse & Mage Knight,

At my current rate, The City is likely to make it to 25+ games but that’s it.

And none of the newer games have really captured my attention (except Federation Commander).

I suppose at some point I could write a few thousand words about The City, but honestly I’m not sure that anything I say would be non-obvious. I do believe that fountains win slightly more than any of the alternate strategies, possibly because of the number of synergy cards.

But that’s all I’ve got right now.

Actually, while I’m rambling I’ve slightly burned out on Bridge, and have cut back my number of club games in the last month or two. It was bound to happen after ~5 years of pretty constant play. Having a terrible regional didn’t help.

Also, while I’m thinking about it. Congrats to David Grainger on his first (US) National Victory. (He’s won a Canadian National event). I met David at the Gathering this spring, and he was at the San Antonio Regional, where his team unsurprisingly destroyed mine in the evening Knock Outs.

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August 17, 2013 at 11:13 am

More Sentinels

Having played a few more times (its now on the Dime list), I’m saddened to announce that sometimes the game is a cakewalk and sometimes it’s nigh impossible; After getting trounced by Advanced Apostate with random characters and getting a bad mix (Argent Adept, Mr. Fixer, Fanatic & Expatriette) we tried again with the Multiverse’s equivalent of the Justice League (Haka, Wraith, Legacy and Ra) AND switched the fight from Rook City to Realms of Discord.

That was a bit too much and Apostate whimpered away.

I’m still working on a good feel for how to balance it. But I think I’ll let the TaoLing pick first … and if he picks great characters, I’ll pick weaker ones and vice versa. That should help.

But despite this complaint it’s still a suggest.

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May 22, 2013 at 7:22 pm

Sentinels of the Multiverse

While playing my solo obsession (new high score — 187) I finally got my copy of Sentinels of the Multiverse. The TaoLing and I played a game (each controlling two heroes).

I have a soft spot in my heart for co-ops … they make a good family games (everyone wins or losses together). But there are problems with coops:

  1. The big bossy pants. This can be avoided by group dynamics, but games with more hidden information encourage it.
  2. Replayability / aka “cube-pushing.” Once you’ve saved the world a few dozen times it gets samey. This isn’t just Pandemic’s problem, the original Lord of the Rings game had theme pasted on, but you were just managing resources. Both games still feel tense, but there aren’t that many surprises. Ditto Shadows Over Camelot.

Sentinels takes replayability seriously. Each hero has a deck of cards that only he uses … So while you alwasy have the same deck/bag/whatever for most coops, right away you cut out a scope. A hero you haven’t played (much) is new to you.

And there may be interesting team dynamics. For a four hero base set (10 possible heroes) you have (10 choose 4 == ) 210 possible teams. That number quickly rises.

And for every team you then pick a deck for the villain, and a deck for the environment (where you fight).  By my calculation, the base set gives over 3000 combinations, and this number grows (incredibly) quickly as you add expansions.

Thematically, the game rocks. Each deck has art, flavor text, and a good feel. The comic multiverse is invented (not licensed) but feels right. When fighting the Grand Warlord Voss you draw space ships, minions, aliens and have to worry about the earth being overrun (an alternate loss condition specific to him). If you are fighting A’khash’bhuta (a malevolent Gaia spirit) you’re going to be facing vines, trees, triffids, and whatnot.

As for the environment — fight in the Ruins of Atlantis you’ll stumble across hydras, automated defenses, collapsing walls. But if you are fighting in a time portal you’ll deal with a rampaging T-Rex, temporal anomalies, and apparently a computer room. The environment deck is a mixed bag. Some cards  help, some hurt, and clever play can turn the environment to your favor.

Right now I’ve had good games, full of theme. Probably the only weak point is that sometimes it becomes obvious when the good guys are going to win, but takes a few turns to finish it off. (This is not a flaw to a ten year old.)

After a few games, I sprung for a full set (promos, expansions, and whatnot). It’s a splurge, but enjoyable.  And my son and I saved the world.

Rating — Suggest

Written by taogaming

May 15, 2013 at 7:59 pm