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Outburst Squared

I saw Chad Orzel’s two-word lyric quiz and instantly thought of outburst. A great idea, Outburst. It takes something everyone knows, but rotates it orthogonally. Kind of like asking people to name words that have “K” as the fourth letter. You never think about it that way. Anyway, I got none of them right, but I had a few hours drive time so I thought of some. Add your own.

From the following two words, can you name any of these songs? Answer in the comments, but just give a full line from the song…) and feel free to leave more. Hopefully I’ve put a few gimmes in, but these are surprisingly hard (for me at least).

  1. my anaconda
  2. protein pill
  3. fruit machine
  4. hickory stump
  5. liar’s chair
  6. screaming argonauts
  7. beat incomplete
  8. Doris Day
  9. tension wires
  10. passionate guy
  11. lonely satellite
  12. doubly blessed


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October 4, 2008 at 7:46 pm

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