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Strange things

  • Despite being psyched for the Rock Band Pro-Guitar, enough to even purchase it from Best Buy, I’m not willing to order it from Best Buy’s website for store pickup. I have no idea why.
  • I picked up Linq; man the American version sucks. Not nearly as nice as the print-and-play set we used.
  • I need a new TV show to watch.
  • Warning about bad Crokinole boards from MayDay games.
  • Kakerlaken poker is pretty much a pure bluffing game, but I enjoyed it anyway. And despite hating Werewolf, I actually like the Resistance.  It’s faster, of course, and has a lot more information flowing (and no player elimination).
  • Z-Man will have Troyes. And some other things that look interesting. No surprise there. I’ll probably try that and Yggdrissil.
  • Chris Farrell discusses mechanics and the intersection of theme.
  • I played Mines of Zavandor (mentioned in a comment thread), and it ungripped me. Not bad, but no hook.

Edit — As Larry notes, I was confusing MayDay with Mayfair.


Written by taogaming

March 17, 2011 at 7:53 pm

Spy versus Spy

So we played Linq. It’s clever. Everyone gets a card. All cards but two are blank, but the two cards have a ‘password’ (the same one). You now go around the table, each player saying one word. The two spies are trying to link up (via the password). The other players are trying to figure out who the spies are and maybe keep them from linking up. (And bonus points if you can figure out the password). Example Round. I’m player 6, and have a blank.

P1 — “Rat”

P2 — “Mouse” (Is he just semi-copying player one? Or is the password rodent or cheese related?)

P3 — “Six” (No animal … was player one just making something up?)

P4 — “Strike.”

P5 — “Salt”

ME — “Catcher.” (I had instantly wondered if  “Catcher” was the word, as in  “Rat-Catcher.” But it didn’t seem to match. However, with player 4s vaguely baseball term, I went with it, as it plays off of several earlier clues. In other words, I’m confused).

P1 — “Wolf” (prior word “Rat”)

P2 — “Cat” (prior word “Mouse”)

P3 — “Four” (prior word “Six”)

P4 — “Bounce” (prior word “Strike”)

P5 — “Lime” (prior word “Salt”)

P6 — “Diamond” (prior word “Catcher”)

So, do you know who the spies are? And the password? If so, could you please tell me? (I got it wrong, answer below).

I’m terrible at seeing the connections. Rather, I see too many. I was reduced to playing the people. However, my defense is amazing. I didn’t fool the spies that round, but several times one (or both) of the spies thought I was the partner. (I think you should get a bonus point for that, but the scoring isn’t really the point of the game).

I also played another game of Labyrinth, and we had another US victory (Anaconda scenario). I lost 3 card in the second turn (Lebanon War and Quagmire), but managed to finish of the regime change in Afghanistan on the third turn and keep funding at medium. Next turn, the Jihadis missed a major Jihad on their opening play, so I got to slap down Benazir Bhutto (no more Jihads in Pakistan until she’s shot) and a “Declare Victory” card (+2 prestige if no Islamic Republic, and knock funding down some more). On the next turn I got Hambali (+2 cards) and then played a Martydom Op followed up with KSM, which automatically removed the plots and drew +2 cards. The Jihadis got both Oil Price Spikes, which hurt, but I Fatwa (randomly traded) to get Osama bin Laden out of his hand. Coupled with the fact that the two prestige rolls I had to make were +1 and +2, and it’s all good. US Automatic victory early in the 2nd deck. I feel like the US got luckier than average, but the major jihad failing on the first try is the odds on result, and losing 3 cards early is potentially worse than drawing 4 extra cards later. (And if the prestige had fallen a bit, that wouldn’t have been horrible). Still, another data point that the game isn’t as horribly pro-Jihadi as I’d worried. Also, the scenarios really aren’t that different. I was expecting to have to remove more than 2 cards from the deck.

As for the spies….

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Written by taogaming

March 12, 2011 at 9:38 pm

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