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So, were there any classic games released last year?

I’d say no, but my track record recently indicates that I’m not up to date on what’s good. This follows the new Tao-of-Gaming-Rule-Of-Everything ® — “Let’s see if people still like this in a few years.” (Current Tao Media Watching includes such cutting edge shows as The Sopranos and The Shield). So, this is more of an “Do you really think that anything you’ve bought in the last 18 months (say) is likely to reach classic status.

A classic game can get burned out, but after a suitable lapse (say, a few years) you start playing it again.

A classic should have a reasonable chance of making it to 25+ games (for longer games, this could be lowered).

I actually think there were a few classic games 2-3 years ago. I’m still binging on Mage Knight, Sentinels. Other games could become classics, like King of Tokyo. But last year? I don’t know.

So, enlighten me. Open Thread. Given that we’re talking about classic status, I expect the false positive ratio to be tampered down a bit. Say, to 75%, not the usual 90%.

Written by taogaming

May 22, 2014 at 8:24 pm