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Battlestar Galactica — Exodus

Played 2 five player games, thoughts:

  • New characters are always good
  • I like the new human goals, in theory. This isn’t surprising, since I came up with the same idea for Shadows Over Camelot. Although (in practice) I don’t think you have enough control over some of the cards.
  • I’m not sure I like the Final 5 cards (which can keep you human but hose people if they look at your card).
  • In theory, the fact that there may be one less Cylon (since all of the loyalty cards are dealt except one) is balanced by the human goals and Final 5 cards. However, when you turn from human to cylon during the sleeper phase AND you are the only cylon in a 5 player game, then there’s going to be a lot of luck. There should probably be some balancing involved (like making the humans jump 9+ a jump, instead of 8+). But in some groups having one less Cylon won’t make it much easier, due to paranoia.
  • The new destiny cards (the 0 and 6 cards) are good.
  • I really like the cylon map and preparation, instead of having the ship cards. The flaw of the base game was that you could have a game with no ship cards that was too easy, versus a game of all ship cards that was impossible. This seems like a nice middle ground.
  • I didn’t play with the Ionian what’s it, which was universally despised by my play group before I got there. (“The end game just kept two people from winning, randomly.” I concur with the judgement that that sucks).

Will I get this? Presumably. Today’s games were just Base + Exodus, but I could see keeping Treachery cards and characters and Pegasus from the Pegasus expansion. I never liked Cylon Leaders, and New Caprica seemed to be less interesting than the base endgame.

Anyway — If you like the base game, this is probably worth getting.


Written by taogaming

January 9, 2011 at 10:06 pm

Sometimes not even Money …

Continuing on a tangent from actions versus words, sometimes you can’t even trust actions … if the resource in question varies dramatically from time to time. They obvious example is high stakes no-limit poker. If you (and your opponent) each have a million dollars in chips, then a $100 call pre-flop basically means your opponent has two cards (because of implied odds) But if your opponent calls $10 when you each have $20, that’s a good hand (or bad opponent).

Cylons won’t do anything out of the ordinary for small stakes. But again, that’s because this turn may be mild influence on a skill check and waiting gives the chance to make a crushing decision. Uneven resources. But in Bang! (to continue the discussion), one turn is (usually) one shot. Resources don’t vary, so you can trust actions.

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August 16, 2010 at 9:09 pm

Some Gaming, Some non-

  • Forbidden Island — Pandemic lite, which is fine if you have young kids who can’t quite grasp the implication of Pandemic’s infection model. (On the other hand, The TaoBoy check-raised me in our last poker game, and was the only person to make it to the helicopter in today’s Zombie Hunt, so some things have sunk in. They grow up so fast).
  • St. Pete — I (mildly) regret having sold this. Need to play the expansion again.
  • Battlestar Galactica — Our (human) admiral jumped us 2, then 1, then 1, then 2. So, you can guess how that worked out.
  • Agricola — Academic (Counts as 2 occupations) –> Writing Desk (requires two occupations, lets you play two at a time) –> Stone guy (stone for food) + Building Master (Free expansion once you’ve expanded) –> Animal Pen (2 Food a turn, but it requires four occupations) –> 3rd person on round 5, 4th on round 6.  No problems with food. It’s almost like the opening setup determines the winner… But I still like this game.
  • I even played a game of Magic! That takes me back.

Non-gaming observations:

  • The Protector (movie) — Tony Jaa really is a human special effect. The parking garage set piece reminded me of the best of Jackie Chan and the fight in the burning temple? Classic.
  • When did George Will stop wearing bow-ties? He was on ESPN (talking baseball) with a hideous yellow/blue thick stripe tie.
  • “Do you want to play another.” “I have to be home at 4am.” “That’s an oddly specific time.” — I probably had that same conversation when I was younger, but it would have been a lot closer to 4am back then.
  • Your tower defense timewaster de jour — Don’t touch my gems! You are welcome.
  • “Triangle” (Horror Movie) — They telegraphed the twist a mile ahead, but it was pretty well done.
  • “Archer” (TV Series) — Fantastic. My new “go to” series for quotes.
  • Vending Spree — Have I mentioned this?
  • “Thirst” — Of all the foreign vampire movies I’ve seen recently, this was the most recent.

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May 16, 2010 at 5:12 pm

The Blogiversary

You know, I’ve been doing this for five years, and that doesn’t even count the original Tao of Gaming site (you know, the blue background, hosted on, where I coded HTML by hand because that’s how we rolled).

Last night I got in another game of Homesteaders (4 player this time). Continuing my preferred strategy, I got a turn 1 market, then followed up with a T4 foundry and a T6 River Port (which lets you automatically convert a gold to livestock or copper). So I was rolling in Trade chits…one a turn and I almost never needed to convert.

That worked well, like I thought. Ignore steel at your own risk (the River Port was really just icing on the cake, although you do need at least one “advanced” good by mid game). Since I used almost none of my trade chits to buy, they converted to VP at an almost 1:1 ratio (selling excess steel in the midgame for money, and then selling goods at the endgame for VP/Money).

I also got a game of Pegasus in … since we had a new player, we just used the Kobol victory conditions (skipping New Caprica). In general, I think that my preferred form is 5 players, no Cylon leaders, and Kobol. Of course, we had two cylons off the deal, sitting back to back, and one of them was the Admiral (which we discovered after our first jump). So humanity lost.

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January 26, 2010 at 1:49 pm