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Geeklinks for November 2, 2020

Wait, Senator Leahy has been in 5 Batman movies?

Who wants a multimedia story involving the weird future of football as seen from deep space probes, who are generally wondering what is up with humanity? You? Great! (Give it a few chapters). There’s a sequel (which is why I got alerted to the original a few weeks ago, but haven’t finished the sequel … but it does include the line following line…)

Now, the most common misconception about the Sun is that it’s a jolly goblin who helpfully pours raisins into your cereal. This is FALSE!….cereal boxes are responsible for a host of misconceptions but that one might be the most fundamentally wrong


A video on how bridges were built 500 years ago.

AI based robotic TV camera keeps focusing on bald lineman instead of soccer ball. (Video)

Fortnite’s anti-Apple ad based on 1984 (“Nineteen Eighty Fortnite“).

I don’t think this is the best headline ever … but “Escaped Cloned Female Mutant Crayfish Take Over Belgian Cemetery” certainly deserves to be in the conversation.

Why Pipe Organs Sound So Scary is an interesting video with sadly repetitive visuals mainly focusing on organs in movies. But I did learn that Bach’s Tocatta and Fugue in D-minor may not have been written by Bach.

I’ve been trying (and watching) many new video games, but honestly nothing has drawn me in, but I must admit I’m fairly burned out of Factorio and even Slay the Spire. (Among Us isn’t the sort of thing you can play by yourself). Any suggestions? (So I guess this is an open thread as well).

I read this blog on how to build a perfect connect 4 player, although not with enough effort to actually understand all the details. You can play against it.

Related — Human level performance in No-press Diplomacy via Equilibrium Search. Found thanks to Gwern)

And we have a late-breaking best headline entry! Russia’s ‘Sausage King’ killed with crossbow in surprise sauna attack. (The articles headline doesn’t quite match the picture on the front page).

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