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Less Deep Thought than before

You know, after I bought my new game, I happened upon some old advice of mine. But the reason I noticed it was a thought that popped into my head about SW: Rebellion.


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January 3, 2017 at 9:58 am

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Hitting the Links

I’ve spent several hours watching the videos on primitive technology. I’m not saying I can now hand craft an axe, hut and kiln from nothing more than the nearby dirt and trees, but it will hopefully save me some time should I need to do so.

I note (via Slashdot) that the designer of the Logo programming language, Seymour Papert, has died. I did a small computer class over three decades ago and we worked in Logo, which is apparently much more powerful than the stuff I did as a kid, although it was mainly used for teaching anklebiters such as my(former)self.

The R4TG-ified update to The City has been announced.

An interesting way to debunk conspiracy theories by Scott Aaronson — 20 reasons to believe Oswald acted alone. (Older post)

I did really enjoy Stranger Things. BGG (Chit Chat) seems to agree.

And I almost forgot about Meow Wolf which built an sort of interactive Zork-like videogame in real life called The House of Eternal Return. (20,000 square feet. Touch everything!) There must be a review forthcoming in the game-o-sphere….


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August 3, 2016 at 9:13 pm

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Some links

Back from my vacation — I took a number of games (“for the kinder”) but there was no rain and so everyone was outside. Did get in a few games of scrabble.

A good article on the Battle of Midway and how the historical view has been changing as more and more records get examined. (Old, but interesting. I never really played much WWII naval, because they are fiddly, but then again — so is history).

My beach reading for the last month was the incredibly long serial Worm. Looking for an angsty super-hero story (superpowers are usually the product of severe trauma) with interesting powers and exploitation thereof? This will keep you covered for 1.7M words.  Some sloggy points, but taut for something that was cranked out in 2.5 years (which means 15k words/week).

And — for a change — some minor game content!

I was looking over the GenCon list and saw that Acquaintance (and Homonym) of this blog, Mr. TauCeti Deichmann, has a game that sounds like something I’d like to try. And an Archer-themed Love Letter? Insert your best archer-phrase review in the comments. (But the Rick and Morty dice game sounds dire, so no link for that). There were also a few other games I’d like to try (A Chris Cieslik/Asmadi Nethack-ish card game? Yeah). Also looking forward to the new Quartmaster General Expansion and the 2-4 player Peleponessian wars game….

Rather a lot of games I’m going to try. Not even counting the dice dominion game I didn’t play at the Gathering that got good buzz.


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July 10, 2016 at 2:21 pm

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If you are anything like myself

5,000 words, many pictures, and (yes!) a few embedded videos on the typography of Bladerunner will make a brilliant addition to your day. Courtesy of the soon to-be-read-cover-to-cover site of typesetinthefuture.

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June 22, 2016 at 9:44 pm

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April Links

Apparently someone has made headway deciphering the Voynich manuscript!

No link, but let me just rant that the Southwest Airlines App is terrible. I will make the assumption that the developers are having to work with the crappy airline system that’s older than I am, but still. These are baby mistakes. An example. I try to check in. “Which flight?” Uh, how about the only flight I have that occurs within the next 24 hours? Or maybe the only flight I have, since it’s a return trip? Or even just list me flights and let me pick? No, the app wants me to pick from every flight southwest has. To Check In. But no, I enter my flight number. That isn’t good enough. “Error — Please specify the cities.” Are you shitting me? Southwest knows who I am and which flight I want to check in, and you can’t figure out which cities are involved? You can’t even offer me the “Well, that flight goes from A to B to C, so is this A->B, A->C or B->C, so please pick” but I have to scroll through every destination. Southwest is no longer a scrappy underdog from my youth. Now they are just amateurs.

The list of games that Buddha would not play [H/T Slatestarcodex]

Design a game based on Caro’s bio of Robert Moses and win cash prizes!

Many years ago I had the thought that Cultural Evolution was Lamarkian, which pleased me (more for the ability to pack a lot of information into four words, I doubt the idea is original). But how important are societal norms? The consensus appears to be growing that the answer is: very.

I was reading the latest news from GMT and wondered, why isn’t 1846 on the schedule? Probably very different to print than their normal games, I imagine.

A TED talk a bit too close to home — inside the mind of a master procrastinator.

It was pointed out to me that the problem with BGG Rankings is yet another example of Goodhart’s Law (“When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure”) although there are other problems with BGG.

I’ve been following the replicability issue in psychology (a little), but in case you haven’t: Everything you think you know may be wrong.

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April 19, 2016 at 4:52 pm

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Links for Early March

The New Yorker has a nice article on the bridge cheating scandals. And there’s a youtube video explanation. But not to worry, there’s a plagiarism scandal in crossword puzzles, as well.

An article about the Polgar sisters, the 10,000 hour rule, nature vs nurture in the role of genius, and chess. You know, important stuff.

The Military Maxims of Napoleon.

Rick and Morty will be back this year! Time for a new catchphrase! And more songs!

Some links that are already too old: Can AlphaGo defeat Lee Sedol? Commentary on one of Alpha Go’s previous games (against Fan Hui). Why are they too old? Because the first game of the match was played today … and AlphaGo won.

“I was very surprised because I did not think that I would lose the game. A mistake I made at the very beginning lasted until the very last,” said Lee, who has won 18 world championships since becoming a professional Go player at the age of 12.

Lee said AlphaGo’s early strategy was “excellent” and that he was stunned by one unconventional move it made that a human never would have played.

Some commentary on the game:

Everything was fairly standard until Lee played Black 7, which was quite unusual. It appeared that Lee had prepared a strange move to test AlphaGo’s strength in the opening.

Perhaps he also wanted to play an opening that AlphaGo was unlikely to have seen before, while crunching millions of positions as part of its training process.

Regardless, it wasn’t a good idea, because it didn’t lead to a good result for Black.

Simple Answers to Complex Questions discusses how complex systems can be navigated by simple rules, and recommends the book “The Index Card” for retirement planning. I haven’t read the book, but I’ve basically been using the advice for most of my life. I see a lot of people (in CS and engineering) spending a lot of time trying to beat the market. Which is fine if you find that fun, but (IMO) a huge waste if you don’t. Mrs. Tao wonders how I can play games and be so uninterested in the minutiae of finance, but one of the first games I played was Stocks and Bonds (and I wrote a moderator in Basic on my Apple ][e, represent!) and I took away the following facts:

  1. There seemed (to 14yo me) a best strategy,
  2. In the real world, I could not model stocks nearly so perfectly, and it seemed pointless to try.

I haven’t been able to bring myself to live up to the simple rule for dieting — “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.” But I do have the first part down.

I personally figured that the Lakers beating Golden State was the seventh seal, but it turns out to only be the 23rd biggest upset in NBA history.

Update — AlphaGo won game two.

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March 9, 2016 at 7:22 pm

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