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I’ve become quietly addicted to Money Stuff by Matt Levine, which covers stock trading, banking and the shenanigans that rest therein. (Bloomberg appears to embargo them until they are a day or two old, but you can find them copied on other sites, although he took a lot of July off). I was reminded of this when I saw a link that pulled this quote:

If FIFTY BANKERS ever arrive at your office all at once, (1) you have done something terrible but (2) it is absolutely their problem, not yours.

And a bonus quote (from a different day):

I assume that if you go to [the University of] Chicago and you find a way to beat the market by 10% and you publish it, they will not give you your Ph.D. This is Chicago! They have standards to uphold. They’re not gonna let you go out and put $10 bills on the sidewalk.

Money Stuff July 11th (?)

Are you in the mood for some fun scams? Of course you are. The Sting — Cricket Edition.

I’ve previously linked to 17776 and 20020, stories about football in a utopian future. So when I saw a post called Nobody Will Admit the Best Novel of our Generation is About Football, I was intrigued. It isn’t either of the prior stories, but is by the same author — Jon Bois (and predates the other stories). Again, football + weirdness. “Best Novel of our Generation” is an overbid, especially as its more of a web-novella; but I liked it. The Tim Tebow CFL Chronicles.

Railroads with no Engines. I seem to recall that this was also used for barges before RRs existed.

What is Dracula about? Standardizing the time system, obviously.

Crab stamps become collectable due to improbable typography error.

The D&D TV Show sequel as … Brazilian car commercial.

Some crowdsourced data on the all potato diet. (I’ve been following that site’s investigation asking if chemicals in water is the/a cause of the obesity in the last 50 years).

Tom Lehmann wrote a strategy article for Dice Realms.

Poem of the Month? Moriturus (by Edna St. Vincent Millay)

There are a bunch of jobs that didn’t exist when I was a kid (Twitch Streamer, for example). The latest? Professional Bridesmaid. [H/T Marginal Revolution]

If humans have hundreds of cognitive biases, does that mean that humans have lots of cognitive biases … or that we are adding epicycles to a wrong theory of human decision making?

David Friedmann’s economist jokes.

Flipping the Forer effect (Wikipedia) on it’s head.

AlphaFold has predicted the structure of 200 million proteins …. including all the ones that are inside the human body. In other machine-learning/AI news, someone has used GPT-3 to build regular expressions (for pattern matching) by describing what you want. (I will likely use that at work).

Kareem is on substack? Kareem is on substack!

The composer (and bridge player) Arnold Rosner once complained that “his name appeared in the NY Times more in the bridge column than in the music column.” (I’d never heard of him in either context). Now articles are calling his posthumously published Requiem (composed in ’73!) one of the great Chorale pieces of the last hundred years?! Listen to it on Youtube. (A strange mix of old and new, each track in a different style, religion, and language).

We turned a dead spider into a robot sounds more like decent premise for a horror movie, but is now reality … presumably it will turn into a horror movie soon enough. (Bonus points for labelling the field “Necrobotics”. Have we learned nothing from Chess playing robots that break fingers? I say, let the dead-spider-robot-wookie win.

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July 29, 2022 at 11:59 am

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  1. I do not buy that Dracula argument one bit.

    Fred Bush

    July 29, 2022 at 7:03 pm

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