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Good God, Man, Revisited

After nearly two years, I’ve finally played John Company in my home town.

It was a six player game, and ended on a Mutiny at turn three (the earliest possible moment). And my last game (at the Gathering) was a T3 mutiny. It seems …. surprisingly common. You don’t have any officers (or guns, really) to prepare for a roll and the revolt event isn’t a roll, just a “buh-bye” so when it hits that region is gone baby gone. Of the four players who had never played before, only the TaoLing expressed any desire to repeat the experience.  (Again we missed an early sail roll and then had one of the three presidencies close, which starts the death spiral right away).

And after another T3 mutiny, I’m not sure I disagree. I have the vague feeling that we’re doing something wrong, but I can’t put my finger on it. And certainly I cannot argue with the belief that that John Company’s randomness is too much. You don’t control when your family members retire … too soon and you don’t have enough money, too late and you can’t buy VPs before the game ends. And the fact that failing in disgrace may be preferable to not retiring at all is … odd. I wouldn’t say ahistorical, but odd.

Is this too much simulation, not enough game? I wouldn’t go that far, yet.

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October 23, 2019 at 7:24 pm

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