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The rule of factorio is more factorio

While I’m waiting for 0.15 to drop, I’ve been building up a mega (for me) factory.

Not a mega-base, but pretty big

That’s about 35 hours of game time. After I launched a satellite, I stopped researching (and paused my second satellite because the strain of it nearly cost me my entire petrochemical resources). I’m building up my train network and moving slowly out.

I’ve already depleted three of my iron deposits and multiple copper deposits (those kinks in my train network were adhoc stations, now removed).

My train network is (sadly) spaghetti near the base and I originally built track with 1-2-1  trains (one locomotive, two cargos, a reversed locomotive). This lets you run automatically on a single track, but it doesn’t scale well and switching to run-on-right tracks (like highways, one lane going one direction and the other reversed) matters when you start wanting to have a lot of traffic. (I guess 6 trains counts as a lot for me). I’m in the process of switching to 1-2 double tracks, but you can still see where I haven’t finished (right near CopperLoading-2). I also have to hook up my iron and copper/oil networks together, so that I can move Iron from the NW to the SE loading station.

I now know to not put a station for ore loading on a main train line, just branch. And to keep straight lines (horizontal or vertical) for the most part, because you can blueprint a few patterns and be done. Ad-hoc is bad. Power isn’t a big concern. I’m mostly solar, which costs lots of real estate and resources, but since the point was to experiment with mega-bases, that’s ok. I do look forward to Nuclear power in 0.15.

Some of my solar arrays …. Don’t hand-build more than one….

I think I’ve got trains down …. I still miss a signal from time to time, but I’ve blueprinted them and rarely spend more than a minute before spotting a problem. A significant fraction of my power goes towards laser turrets, for good reason.

The natives are restless

Anyway, scaling up a mega base means more-more-more. More ore. More factories. More throughput. I’m building way too many modules, which is also way too few.

Magic (main) bus,carrying parts to all the assembly machines

Still too much spaghetti in the station (despite having a main bus) and I’m using logistics bots, but mainly as my valets (and a few odd things like my satellite construction and disposing of lumber by feeding trains). And I (again) found a lot of things I would do differently next time.

Still enjoying this.

Update — And then I ended up staying up another few hours to fix my train network, add two mining operations, re-jigger my oil network, expand my power supply by three mega-arrays (thankfully I noticed a few minutes before a catastrophic shortage). Next is ore processing throughput/switching to advanced ovens. And there’s four hours gone.


Written by taogaming

April 1, 2017 at 8:26 pm

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  1. Are you still using yellow belts? I noticed them in your quickbar. What’s the strategy for using them over blue?

    Tyson Stanek

    April 2, 2017 at 9:48 am

    • Well, yellow belts cost fewer resources (1 iron + 1 gear == 3 iron) than blue (all told, 21.5 iron + 2 lubricant). So the express belt is ok. I have a lot of systems where typically things are just waiting or moving slowly (for example, oil barrelling/unbarreling. Or intermediate production lines or generally “nice to have” stuff). Those get yellow belts or red belts. I also use yellow on the early part of unloading (like a long row of ovens) and then ramp up to red/blue (to create gaps and save a bit).

      Honestly I’m pretty iron rich, but I tend to keep some blue and some yellow on me and just use whatever. I just put down some yellow to move barrels to/from a train to the factory. But I may actually jsut rip up the belts and move the factories nearer to the train (with a bit of pipe). Things like that.

      Some people use blue exclusively, once they have it, but I prefer to save my heavy for flamethrowers and cracking (for extra plastics). So for me the lubricant is fairly expensive. Blue is for main busses.


      April 3, 2017 at 10:46 pm

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