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A rather surprising Sentinels game (Updated)

Wraith (female Batman), Dark Watch Expatriette (female punisher), Legacy (superman) and Absolute Zero (thermal Iron Man) were battling Citizen Dawn in the Dok’thrath capital. The game looked to be going along swimmingly, Wraith got off to an absolutely stunning start with a few improvised inventions (which really speed up the card flow, as not only do you get to search your deck for a card and play it, you get to play another card) and was quickly able to use two powers a turn, including a large projectile attack and a small projectile attack that reduced damage … and the microtargeting computer (which boosts projectile damage).

On the other hand, Expatriette was as bad as she normally is. Seriously, there needs to be an Expatriette that makes ammo cards good, they are about 1/2 her deck and terrible. I’m not really sure who Citizen Dawn is supposed to be. Somewhere between brainwashing zombie master and … something else. But her schtick is that at some point she becomes invulnerable for a few turns, until there are enough citizens (zombies) in play, at which point she tires out. So you have to either kill her without killing any citizens (so she doesn’t become invulnerable) or kill them, then wait a few turns without killing citizens.

It’s typically not too hard. When she’s invulnerable, she pumps out cards.

Anyway, we quickly trounced enough zombies, she went all starburst-y, and then … just powerful hit/healing cards. We’d finally got a string of citizens, but were then faced with a choice … do nothing to let her revert, but take a huge hit from all the citizens we didn’t kill, or wound them (to reduce their damage) and risk that one faction in the Dok’thrath civil war might finish them off. We wounded them, and then the civil war killed them all.

Alongside with Wraith and Expatriette.

Suddenly down two heroes and meanwhile Citizen Dawn has healed about 20% of her hit points and we still had several turns of invulnerability. And Citizen Dawn wiped the board, destroying all of Absolute Zero’s toys. But the Wraith does have a good ‘dead’ power (either destroying an ongoing card or letting a hero play a card) so she helped Absolute Zero get off his Brett Easton Ellis streak while Expatratiette laid down some covering fire to keep legacy alive (she lets heroes reduce damage a bit. Even dead, she’s not that useful).

And somehow the heroes won.

Probably my closest victory in a few dozen games.

Update — A few hours later we won with a single hit point remaining on all the heroes! The Dreamer (the psychic kid you must avoid killing as her nightmares ravage us) looked to be going down easily, but a sudden burst of projections killed everyone except Tachyon. Still, Tachyon had a large number of defensive constructs protecting her, so she managed to take out a few nightmares in one round. The dreamer almost totalled Tachyon’s defenses and then nearly killed her, but was able to play a card that let her play two cards and draw two (at the cost of going down to a single point of damage) and then killed the final nightmare necessary to win. But we had to survive until the start of the villain turn, and that required a nervous draw of the environment deck. When it turned out to be neutral, we won.

Written by taogaming

March 4, 2017 at 7:39 pm

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  1. You could’ve dropped Wraith’s generally-terrible Mega Computer to reduce the chaos from Dok’Thorath to a manageable level. I’m not sure I’ve ever intentionally dug for that one but it might have been worthwhile!

    Expatriette is slightly more useful against Citizen Dawn because the nemesis bonus lets you beat her down a little faster but she’s still pretty awful.

    Frederic Bush

    March 4, 2017 at 10:14 pm

    • I actually did play the Mega Computer … didn’t dig for it, but played it when I had a turn.

      As for Expatriette, I’ve started googling around, and I think the Lock ‘n Load Expatriette ( is probably worth trying.
      Power: Play an ammo card. If you do draw a card and use another power. (It may be too good, but she takes a small HP penalty. Worth trying).


      March 5, 2017 at 10:24 am

      • The variant Expetriette is very good and playable. Maybe she needs to lose a few more HP to balance….


        March 6, 2017 at 7:45 pm

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