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Dec 10th — White Knight Promises to invigorate local economy. “I’ve made a huge discovery,” he claims.

Dec 12th — Rumors swirling that Holy Grail recovered by White Knight in the Caverns.

Dec 16th — WK missing, presumed dead.

Dec 20th — “Woodsgirl and Dwarf announce treasure hunting partnership, head for vault in deep woods”

Dec 22nd — Swordsman sells Holy Grail to Order. “He’s a great guy,” says leader.

Dec 27th — “Woodsgirl says ‘He’s no Happy, he’s Greedy Dwarf,’ breaks up the band.”

Dec 29th — “Dwarf found dead. Bats again.”

Dec 31st — Swordsman indicted for conspiracy to commit ‘Murder by Bat.’

So, after the Woodsgirl and Dwarf teamed up to the find and loot the vault, the Dwarf basically yahtzee’d and the turn order prevented WG from searching at all (after a few turns of “Dwarf goes — monsters prowl — block hex” The characters could kill the blockers, but next turn it would happen again. Finally, the WG got a turn and found nothing, the Dwarf having already taking the vast majority of the treasure. She wandered off. The swordsman (who had raced over to the White Knight’s corpse just as the body was cooling and picked up the Grail and raced back to sell it) was nearby and showed up at the vault. His plan was to move in and searching three times to get the last treasure or two (He’d go first and watch the dwarf to discover the location). But since bats were moving, if he went in second he’d hit the bats. Or he could go in first, the bats would pounce and block the dwarf. The swordsman couldn’t find the vaule, but he could run away and come back to collect all the dead dwarf’s stuff. Which is pretty much what happened.

The TaoLing was mad, but he would have failed his hide roll anyway.

The game was played over two sessions, about 4 hours total (in the second session if you die you don’t get a new character). We the started a second game today, hence the new Month. This time I went Wizard + Sorcerer and TaoLing is White Knight + Wood’s Girl.

Jan 1st — “Another month, another band of brash adventurers!” (“Where do they find these fools,” asks elderly skeptic?)

Jan 2nd — Borderlands are where it’s happening!

(Three of the four characters went into the Borderlands, the sorcerer enchanting it for good measure).

Jan 3rd — Borderlands property values collapse after troll infestation discovered.

Jan 7th — Wizard discovers Dark Altar.

Jan 8th — “Sorcerer announces economic stimulus package, hires some Bashkars.”

(First time I’ve found those guys).

Jan 9th — Wizard killed by Demon.

The Wizard situation was tough. The Altar was at the back end of the cliffs, two mountain spaces away. I could rush to the last space, and likely die if either the troll or demon appeared. Or I could go Hide-Hide-Move-Move to go one space at a time. I chose the latter, when the former would have worked. On the first turn, nothing happened, on the second turn I failed both hides and the demon appeared. I survived the first spell, but that means he’d gotten me. Neither of my spells did the required damage, so I died.

(More to come)



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