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The Magic Realm Daily Newsletter Headlines

Some headlines and selected pull quotes. Please attribute Magic Realm Press.

Dec 1st — “New Batch of adventurers promise glory and gold for all!”

Dec 3rd — “Body of young Amazon found in the Deep Woods, autopsy reveals bats to blame!”

Dec 4th — “Noble Pilgrim rids world of horrific troll!”

Dec 5th — “Pilgrim killed by ‘massive swarm of bats,’ Swordsman says.”

Claiming to have witnessed the encounter, the Swordsman said that the beloved Pilgrim, who just a day earlier slayed a might troll, was attacked by a ‘massive swarm,’ of bats. Biologists at MR University are now investigating if the Pilgrims actions upset the Deep Woods ecosystem. “Perhaps trolls keep the bat population in check,” speculated an un-named graduate student ….

Dec 7th — “Area wizard summons ‘impressive’ lightning bolt before being clubbed to death.”

Man this is a brutal game (in general, and this one in particular). After the third death we called it a night, and we’ll resume tomorrow.


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December 30, 2016 at 10:10 pm

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