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I played Guilds of London

So you don’t have to.

But you can.

I mean, if you want.

It’s not like my playing it either makes or bars you from playing it. Totally unrelated events.

I have no strong opinions about it, is what I’m saying.

So play it, or not.

Either way.


In a slightly more serious vein, its fine. You can use a card for a few things (getting a guy onto the board, putting a guy into a guild (where he may score) or a special ability (which costs 0-2 other cards). But you go from high to low in player order, and last player can make (almost) unblockable scoring plays, so that balances. Lots of different actions and special stuff. But you get 2 cards a turn, or 4 if you pass. So … you build up a scoring turn, go out in front, then pass because your plays can be easily blocked anyway.

It wasn’t bad, but practically every card has a “What does that do” … there’s a reference sheet that inexplicably has cards missing from it (I think). And it was a touch slow (partially my fault). There were a few ‘take that’ cards, which annoyed me (there’s plenty of ways to directly attack other players, but the “Hey, that guy looses a few points” felt surprisingly outdated).


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December 5, 2016 at 10:30 pm

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