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Exploring the Realm, Part II

When last we left our intrepid quad-ro of adventurers, they were halfway through the month.

On one side of the board the Amazon met up with the Elf and they bypassed the Tremendous Troll to go to the Vault. The Amazon used the the keys to loot the chest and open the vault. Another monster roll brought bats, and the Elf took control of them. The Elf and Amazon searched the vault and found a few other treasure-within-treasure site. At this point one single clearing held half of the game’s treasure.

The elf then did the following: Order all 6 bats to search four times each every day, then re-cast control of them. By my reading of the rule the bats could give anything to the elf that they can’t carry (since you only need a move chit to carry stuff between clearings). The bats rolled two dice, but were immune to curses in the Crypt of the Night or Enchanted Meadow. The elf had to spend actions to rest (and sometimes alert) a magic chit to recast the spell each night, but since he had the dragon necklace, it wasn’t an onerous cost to get practically a full week’s worth of searching.

And then the Elf got the Tremendous Warhorse.

The Elf's Moving Van

The Elf’s Moving Van

Suddenly the Elf could now carry everything he looted and would be basically immune to small beasties. With that the Elf took a few more turns and loaded up a truly impressive haul. The Jade Shield, Silver Breastplate, Gold Helmet, Bane Sword, Truesteel Sword, and a few other treasures. The Amazon wasn’t getting left out either, getting the Golden Icon, Sacred Grail, and the Enchanted Meadow’s Pony, which basically doubles all the Amazon’s move actions.

(Rules question — You can do that to do one phase MM to start a mountain move and a pony phase MM to finish it, right?)

At this point the Elf followed the Amazon and they hightailed it back … the Elf planned to trade the armor (and Bane Sword) to the Berserker in exchange for the great treasures he looted from the pool. After getting hit with the Flowers of Rest the Berserker had quite a haul. But I had forgotten one point.

If I rolled a ‘3’ to summon the octopus, it would also let the axe goblins already on the tile prowl … and move to fight me. Dealing with an Octopus with a fodder — survivable. Adding in six goblins? Not so much.

Ruh roh!

Ruh roh!

Thus ended the berserker. He actually managed to kill the Octopus first (since the rogue lured it), but too many goblins. At that point I didn’t bother to start a new character and we just finished out the game. The Elf and Amazon high-tailed it back to the Chapel, where the Elf sold the Golden Icon for 100 gold and the Sacred Grail for 50 fame.

Delivery for you, sir!

Delivery for you, sir!

At this point we headed back to the borderlands but the Elf broke away to slaughter the realm’s guards (who had no real hope once their leader was slaughter, as he was the only one who could deal with the Elf’s warhorse). As a bonus, the friendly woodfolk appeared, so I could sell everything on the final turn. (I think I’ll play the house rule that you can sell everything for gold at the end of the game from now on).

As for the Captain, he’d wandered alone and found not much of anything except danger. In his defense, he survived. But he had a pretty terrible score. The Elf and Amazon both almost won, ending with -1 point each. (If I — as the Elf — had put 2 VPs into gold and 1 into Great Treasures instead of vice versa, I’d have won with 12 points.

And after that we cleaned up (but left the game set up for another game, which has already borne some strange fruit).

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