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Setting up Magic Realm

OK,  I am almost certainly going to be doing the majority of my M.R. games via Realmspeak. That being said, playing with a game on the board and puzzling out the setup and rules are giving me decent insight into the game. I do have some issues with the set — although it came with many laminated player aids, the aids do not exactly match the wording of the 1st edition rules or 3rd edition rules, so I assume they are 2nd edition. Still, the laminated cards that came with my used game were a pleasant surprise.(I’m going to keep my game in two boxes, so that I can have most of the items pre-sorted for next setup).

I’m almost certainly going to spring to print out a nicely bound copy of MR3.1 and/or MRIPE, and then laminate some new player aids. Also, the game could use a second box. And a second or third set of charts. Right now I have too many pages printed out and spread over. But once I get used to it, just a few charts should do.

After 3-4 hours the TaoLing and I have played 10 days controlling 2 characters each on total easy setting — You declare your turn during day (not birdsong) so we see the monster rolls. Still been some touchy moments, but nothing serious. We’ve worked together to kill the heavy trolls and raid the pool, but the Amazon has been running around looting other areas.

We will probably finish up tomorrow.

Update Jan 2017 — Actually, I’m playing most of my games on the board. I did spring and print out a lot of player aids and the rules.



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