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At gaming, I played some old and some new:

  • Mottainai — Still good, growing on me. A nice subtle game that takes 15 minutes.
  • Ra — Still good. I really haven’t played this that much since it came out, but I deserves more plays.
  • Splendor — An acceptable filler
  • Roll for the Galaxy — Still good
  • Seven Wonders — Been a long time. Good (without expansions).

Then I came home and played a few games of Realm Speak. I had a good game that I should have done much better but I a) forgot that the White Knight’s Broadsword is H6 (meaning “Heavy Damage, six seconds time”) so playing my Fight-H4 hoping to make it faster is useless. (The fight chit’s number only matters if the weapon doesn’t have a printed number). Then I had an auto kill against a troll if I played my T4 (Tremendous-4) fight to boost the strength, but I hadn’t noticed the Troll was tremendous. I still won, but the extra round of combat cost me my armor.

Still, I had a decent game (finished with my best score ever …. negative six!). Reading Magic Realm in Plain English  helped (although I still don’t get Hireling combat).

Then — since I had time for one more — I took the White Knight again (a good character for novices) and managed to fail two hide rolls when I tried to walk past some giant bats. They couldn’t kill me in one blow, but the White Knight does poorly against fast foes, and they wounded him to death … one … round … at a time …



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November 7, 2016 at 11:28 pm

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