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Like a Lovecraftian Tale

I feel that I am learning deep knowledge, and yet the price I am paying is great.

After downloading rulebooks, tutorials, and Talmudic commentary totaling a thousand pages, I’ve spent dozens of hours pouring through them, searching for arcane knowledge long forgotten by the Modern World — a world which no longer believes in section dot subsection dot subsubsections, a World which demands games be approachable and simply provide knowledge and confess their secrets.

Lo! They are fools who have forgotten the old ways and no longer fear the unknown.

So I struggled through the Lemarchand’s Puzzle known as Magic Realm, cross referencing apocrypha with novitiate commentary and eventually stumbling onto Realm Speak and poking at it (carefully… oh so carefully). And I can now report that after playing through several fast games, I may have a basic grip on the first two encounters (Movement, Hiding and basic Combat).

I died fighting two trolls.

Still, I would have won if I hadn’t gotten confused by the the GUI and inactivated my sword, and then later misread a chit speed. With my sword inactive, my first killing blow found me hitting with …. a dagger. After a hasty fumbling I offed the first troll and would have killed the second, except for being undercut by speed (my armor having already been destroyed in prior rounds).

At no point did I gibber maniacally, aware of the drip drip drip of my sanity leaking away.

Realm Speak makes the process of learning much more enjoyable, not least of which because it does the entire setup process (which I will have to learn once my set gets here).


Written by taogaming

November 6, 2016 at 11:22 am

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