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Saving the Universe — Wager Master, Sky-Scraper and Captain Cosmos

Played a quartet of Sentinels today with the TaoLing, and some new stuff hit the table.

The main one was Wager Master, a Mr. Myxzptlk-like character who plays indestructible condition cards that alter the game rules (like switching the players turn order, or switching the order that things happen in turns, or making the heroes lose if they reduce him to zero HP) as well as more standard things (like destroying equipment and zotting heroes). But while they are indestructible they can be flipped over (turned off) and turned back on. I rather enjoyed this, but the TaoLing apparently wants a more straight forward game.

I also got to play Sky-Scraper, an size-shifter who can deal damage (when big) and mess with you (when small). Enjoyable.

Finally, I got a few games in with Captain Cosmic, who is similar to Unity in that he summons a bunch of small, fragile”constructs” that do a variety of things, but can also be sacrificed for a big whammy. He was not useful in Silver Gulch, which has a bunch of people who randomly shoot anything that moves, but still reasonably fun.

I still haven’t played against every environment, but getting in a few new cards made it a good day.

Written by taogaming

October 30, 2016 at 8:36 pm

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