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A mostly throwback Game day

Went to a lovely little game day (Thanks, Anne!). Let’s see:

Still lovely games with no change in my opinion — Shadow Hunters, Roll for the Galaxy, Bohnanza (classic throwback!), Fast Food Franchise (double-classic-throwback!).

I’m not as big a Codenames fan as most, but its a good game. I just think it’s an every now and then game. Still, my causing a loss when I forgot (in the heat of the moment) that “Jump’ would naturally be paired with “Shark” was amusing. And I did play three games (although one ended on the first clue, and no, it was not a Shark jumping).

I played two games of The Grizzled, and the expansion adds a few more elements and (arguably) makes the game winnable. In fact, we won the second game. In fact, making the experience more game like and less artistic let me enjoy it more although it will always be at least mildly haunting.

I was not a huge fan of Skull (formerly Skull and Roses) but the game revealed a lot to me this time around. I’m still indifferent, but I’m leaning more towards I+ than I-.

We also punched and tried out Micro Robots, which is just a small version of Ricochet Robot. But its abstract instead of spatial. You have a 6×6 grid of dice of various colors and can only move (horizontally or vertically) from a die to one that shares either a number or a color. (You can stop wherever, unlike RR, if the main rule is met). This means you may need to move back and forth on the same line to move one step. Like

Red 6 – Orange 5 – Pink 1 – Orange 2 – Pink 6  – Red 5

To get from Pink 1 to Orange 2  you need to go Pink 1 –> Pink 6 –> Red 6 –> Red 5 –> Orange 5–>Orange 2.

But there are two dimensions. Anyway, turning the map from ‘spatial’ to more abstract apparently throws a lot of people off and makes the game much tougher. I suppose this is part of the Wason effect, that the brain cannot move from concrete to abstract very well. In any case, I find the joy in Ricochet Robots in the interplay of bouncing intermediate robots to use as waypoints, so this lacks that, so this is an Indifferent – (but its so fast that I can’t really call it avoid).

I also borrowed a copy of Darkest Night, because I’ve been wanting to try it and it plays solitaire.


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October 16, 2016 at 9:28 am

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