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Bright Lights, Bad Kitty

So, the TaoLing got the new Machi Koro for his birthday. I would have recommended he save his money, because the scuttlebutt was that it was not great value — especially since we already have Machi Koro. But  I was not consulted. So — how does it play?

Bad Kitty has a number of incremental improvements over base game plus harbor:

  1. Instead of having 10 available cards, you have 5 ‘cheap’ (1-6 cost) cards and 5 expensive (7+) cards and two purple cards (which are their own stack). This is a good idea. You could replicate this by sleeving your game with three different colors, or just stacking them. I’ll probably steal this.
  2. The 22 cost development is “Roll three dice, choose 2” which seems better, and is also liftable into the base game.
  3. There are a few new buildings.

The new buildings are decent. The Member’s only club is a red 12-14 that steals all of an opponents money, if they have 3+ developments finished. The french restaurant is a ‘5’ red that steals 5 if they have 2+ developments finished. There is a building that forces you to undevelop one of your developments, but pays $8. And another building that forces you to give up a building to an opponent for $4.

So? My opinion? This is a perfectly fine version of Machi Koro with a few nice improvements, but not worth $30 if you already have it. [I am ignoring the much worse box insert, with which I agree, and complaints about poor card quality, which I did not notice].

Rating — Whatever your rating of Machi Koro is, roughly. For me? Suggest.


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October 8, 2016 at 12:17 pm

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