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Victory or Death

Got in my first play of Quartermaster General — Victory or Death: The Peleponnesian War: The Quest for More Subtitles. (I agree with putting QMG in the title, as a marketing thing).

It was Quartermaster General, basically. Instead of playing one card you can play one card and then prepare another (basically, playing a response card), but playing the response costs you another discard. Ignoring events, you only have scoring after every three turns, and it’s much lower — 1 point per city. If you sac a city you get a point, so new cities have to survive two scorings to show a benefit. If you are more than ten points ahead after scoring, that’s it, or after fifteen rounds you score and also score some bonus points for key spaces, and that’s that.

You can also discard a card at any point to bribe a neutral space to make it yours (for supply purposes), and also some events let you convert neutrals you sit on (or are bribing) into cities.

But basically that’s it. Events, Builds, Battles, Responses, Statuses (not many), It’s an elegant system. This entry feels more fluid than base QMG, because you can play 1-2 cards a turn, instead of just one. (QMG + Air Force feels roughly equally fluid). I’ll probably buy this (or trade for it), I think which you prefer is a matter of taste or simply how many people you have at game night. With four, QMGVoDTPW. With six (or if you pay by the letter), then QMG.

Rating — Enthusiastic. What did you expect?

For the first game, there was a lot of “Oh, you can do that?” surprise. So no idea on balance, not for many games.


Written by taogaming

September 26, 2016 at 8:56 pm

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