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Dominion Adventures

Playing Dominion Online for a while whet my appetite, so I picked up Adventures.

First of all, the blurb is — like all DXV blurbs — hilarious. And there’s a lot to like in the game play. Sick of only making some unreasonably high number of possible kingdom layouts (and that’s too low), Adventures adds events which you can shuffle up and deal out a few (they recommend two) for any kingdom. These cards don’t get added to your deck when bought, they give you some bonus. Like taking another turn (but one where you can’t buy anything!) or  setting aside a card for next turn (that doesn’t count against your hand) or drawing more cards, or … well, I assume lots of other things.

Since there are 20 event cards, you now have 190 times the number of possible kingdom layous (191, that is, since “no event cards” are possible. (I think Empires adds more events, so that number is growing fast).

Adventures also adds a playmat (the tavern) and a new concept called “Reserve” cards. When played the go to your tavern and you can then ‘call’ them back into play later on. While at the tavern they aren’t in your deck or hand. Just sitting there. A nice new card is a guide that gives +1 card and +1 action and sits in the tavern. Call him at the start of your turn to discard your hand and draw a new one. Cute.

There are also tokens, some of them you add to piles and when you play a card from that pile, you get the bonus for your token (maybe draw an extra card, or +1$, or an extra action, etc). A few other tokens flip by card actions, these let you keep some state information now. A few others indicate you’ve been attacked, and draw a card less, get a dollar less, but since you only have one token, they aren’t cumulative.

Adventures also has upgrade cards. When you add those piles (Peasant or Page) you get a few small mini piles. Play a page, she can upgrade to a treasure hunter, who can upgrade to a monster hunter, then warrior, then champion (or some such). You can’t ever buy or gain the advances, only get them by playing and discarding the prior one (which goes back to its stack).

Coupled with events, the ’10’ kingdom stacks become something like 16 stacks. The example in the rulebook has a ton going on, also because Adventure has a lot more duration cards, and now they aren’t necessarily “one extra turn.” At least two have a duration of “forever.”

I think I now officially need a better storage solution. My single binder of 3×3 card sleeves was already straining, and I never added Dark Ages to it. I need a sorted box. I’ll have to look into that.

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September 2, 2016 at 10:29 pm

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