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Bonus Post — Asking again, How many kingdoms are there?

If my math is right, there are now 260 kingdom cards (per the Dominion Wikipedia Page). So a (low) estimate is 260 choose 10. But let’s consider Black Market!

There are 259 choose 9 kingdoms with black market. But each of them has 250 choose 15 possible black market decks. So we need to multiple those numbers together. That gives us almost 5.8e+39.

(We also have the 259 choose 10 kingdoms without black market, but that’s just a rounding error compared to BM options).

For each of those Black Market kingdoms (and the trivially few — roughly 313 quintillion — that don’t have black market) we have to include events! There are 34, and if we limit ourselves to either having none or choosing two, then we have 562 options, so that’s up to 3.24e+42. Discounting the (trivial) number of sets that are all prosperity or dark ages, any kingdom with 1-9 of those cards have two options (with Platinum or without / with estates or with the new dark ages version). So some number of kingdoms are doubled, and some quadrupled.

It may well be that this universe is basically just an elegant kingdom randomizer for Dominion, and once we get the fundamental level of physics, the math will translate to. “Select an atom at random from the universe — it has been shaken well, albeit several billion years ago — and read the instructions on which kingdom layout it represents. Use other atoms to make the components….”

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