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Back from my vacation — I took a number of games (“for the kinder”) but there was no rain and so everyone was outside. Did get in a few games of scrabble.

A good article on the Battle of Midway and how the historical view has been changing as more and more records get examined. (Old, but interesting. I never really played much WWII naval, because they are fiddly, but then again — so is history).

My beach reading for the last month was the incredibly long serial Worm. Looking for an angsty super-hero story (superpowers are usually the product of severe trauma) with interesting powers and exploitation thereof? This will keep you covered for 1.7M words.  Some sloggy points, but taut for something that was cranked out in 2.5 years (which means 15k words/week).

And — for a change — some minor game content!

I was looking over the GenCon list and saw that Acquaintance (and Homonym) of this blog, Mr. TauCeti Deichmann, has a game that sounds like something I’d like to try. And an Archer-themed Love Letter? Insert your best archer-phrase review in the comments. (But the Rick and Morty dice game sounds dire, so no link for that). There were also a few other games I’d like to try (A Chris Cieslik/Asmadi Nethack-ish card game? Yeah). Also looking forward to the new Quartmaster General Expansion and the 2-4 player Peleponessian wars game….

Rather a lot of games I’m going to try. Not even counting the dice dominion game I didn’t play at the Gathering that got good buzz.



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July 10, 2016 at 2:21 pm

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  1. TauCeti’s game is a very interesting one. I might make the analogy that if you greatly expanded the trading part of Civilization and shrunk the other part, you could get something like it.

    Eric Brosius

    July 10, 2016 at 6:00 pm

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