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Gathering 2016 AAR (Part 2) — The Old Classics

Note — My rambling Geeklist is up.

I played a fair number of new games at the Gathering this year (despite my general “New games, meh!” comments, 7-9 new games per Gathering seems typical, although that includes card games, ameritrash and wargames most years). I mean, last year QMG and BBH2045 were both new, along with many less memorable games.  So the seven new games I played this year is about right on the money.

While I didn’t play many new Euros this year I hit the classics, hard.

I mean, I got in a game of Settlers, of Euphrat und Tigris, and two games of Lowenherz. I played a brutal (simply brutal) game of Tichu. I played Fast Food Franchise, a game I picked up in ’93-ish (and it wasn’t new then).

Race: Xeno Invasion is new, but Race itself is a classic. I’d write about Xeno, but I still haven’t really grokked it beyond the basics (“When has that stopped you before?” I hear you cry).

Lowenherz is interesting, in that I seemed to recall that Domaine made it worse, but my BGG comments indicated otherwise. So now I want to try Domaine again. But only slightly. Having played Lowenherz twice reminded me that I’m not very good at it, and while it is “old,” it is definitely not a classic (which I would include every other game I played from the ’90s).

[Oh, and today I played Mage Knight twice with the TaoLing. Not quite as old, but a game I’ve played a ton.]

All in all, time well spent.


Written by taogaming

April 16, 2016 at 9:21 pm

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  1. Brian, you’re killing me! Of COURSE Lowenherz is a classic! At least it is for me: in my all-time top 10 and easily my favorite Teuber design. Plus, in the 90’s, it was famous for being so underrated, which sounds impossible, but was actually the case. I’m a little surprised you don’t like it more, as it’s very nasty and highly interactive. Anyway, a great game, one we still play with some regularity, and one which hasn’t shown its age at all.


    April 20, 2016 at 8:31 pm

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