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February Random Links

This Ted talk on autonomous flying machines mainly covered ground I already knew, but the demo in the last three minutes gave me a chill. Beautiful, Close Encounters of the Third Kind stuff.

And in the less beautiful, more “Oh, hai, Skynet! ‘Sup?” realm, Boston Dynamics latest version of Atlas is no longer tethered.

I’m enjoying Triumph’s political reporting.

I assume you’ve already seen OK Go’s latest.

If you read Marginal Revolution you are already aware of Conversations with Tyler, where Tyler Cowen interviews other interesting people. If not, you are welcome.

If you ever wondered how public key exchanges (Diffie-Hellman) works — a good analogy is paint mixing. And a followup lesson on RSA.

I was going to write a post defending the “First to $100” milestone in Food Chain Magnate, but I posted it on a BGG thread instead.

While talking with a coworker today, I said “Democracy doesn’t scale well.” In that vein, a primer on the neo-reaction. (In case you are interested, I fall into the David D. Friedman . As a counter-balance, the excellent Anti-reactionary FAQ (by SlateStarCodex).

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