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Happy New Year

Belated, admittedly.

Nothing on the (board) gaming front to report, but 2016 should be better than 2015, for a few reasons….

Firstly, I’ve progessed enough at Nethack to get bored. It doesn’t help that the midgame is a giant slog of mapping out levels, inventory management and the like. (Two months of boredom and then two minutes of terror. Games normally skip that first part). Then you get your brain sucked by a master mind flayer, and a few levels are re-randomized. I’ve doubled my high score something like seven times in the last month and I basically welcomed death’s sweet embrace when I finally got trapped in my last game. Apart from the opening and finally getting killed by the Wizard of Yendor there were only 2-3 moments of crisis. (To be fair, I think I did something wrong to wake him early, since I hadn’t even gotten to Moloch’s Sanctum). I think I’ll take a break. Perhaps I will switch to Slash’Em or a variant that has more opening, less endgame. Or watch a speed ascension. As with any game, if it’s fun for 20 minutes, that doesn’t mean it’s fun for hours.

Secondly, I finished my story right before Christmas, and learned quite a bit. (Pissing many readers off in the process….Whoo, you should see some of the hate reviews and PMs I got). But it will serve me well as I try a more traditional effort later. And, you now, 175k words is not a bad output for a year. I mean, I’ll try to do 175k good words at some point, but the point remains.

Finally, next weekend is the North American Open Pairs, so I’ve been practicing Bridge more in the last month. (Including things like spending some evenings review & tweaking my convention card with partner, as well as just playing more).

But after that? Definitely gaming. I think I’ll go to a few game nights in the next month or so.

I even ordered Food Chain Magnate, because that seems like a game I’d obsess over and nobody else had the common courtesy to buy a copy I could play.

So I bought one. I mean, I did just win several hundred dollars from the fantasy football league. Why not splurge?

Sidebar — I’ve lost two screaming buckets of money winning my fantasy football league.  The league was set up to spread the money around but I rather surprisingly won the regular season and the post-season, as well as having about a 1/4 of the weekly high scores, so I scooped north of half the total pot despite having lots of small prizes to spread the money around. (We’re going to toss more money next year at things like “Best losing scores” and whatnot). But anyway, said winnings have predictably burned a hole in my pocket, starting with FFM.

“Hm, should I buy a copy of FFM? OK, since I just won FF and it only costs 1/3rd of my winnings.”

“Should I go out to football night at the bar with some friends and spend an outrageous sum for alcohol? Obviously, since I have all this cash[1] in my wallet, I would be stupid not to!”

“Do I want to chip in to the powerball with my coworkers. Duh! I’ve just won fantasy football, and clearly if I can beat 1/10 odds, then I can beat 1/292,000,000. I mean, odds are stupid anyway, a ticket either wins or loses, so it’s 50/50.” (I was sober when I said this, but I also being sarcastic. Still, I paid the money. It was worth it, as we all sat around talking about how we would quit work as a group over some trivial offense).

But now that I think about it, I’ve come to a horrible realization. If my theory is true, when I win the powerball I’m going to lose an astronomical [2] amount of money. So I think I better just win a small amount, and perhaps it would be best to not win at all.

A lot of people I know say that the universe takes away found money, and it’s true. But it’s not the universe, its psychology.[3]

So, uh, Happy New Year and I hope none of us win the powerball. But if you do, perhaps lose some money my way (or better yet, just buy the damn games I want to play).

Notes —

[1] In the interest of full explanation for my newer reader: Cash was like a physical form of PayPal, back before computers.

[2] Thankfully Musk-astronomical, not NASA-astronomical.

[3] Although I did have a car repair happen right as I won that mysteriously was within 4% of my exact winnings, so maybe the universe does have such rule.


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January 10, 2016 at 12:19 pm

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  1. I’m currently enjoying the new Steam version of ADOM that was released in December. After you’re done with ADOM, I think it’s with a look. Also, TOME4 (also now on Steam) is a perennial favorite… And one of the few Rogue-likes I’ve actually completed.


    January 10, 2016 at 3:32 pm

  2. DCSS, ADOM, TOME4, Angband, and DoomRL are all great roguelikes worth checking out.


    January 10, 2016 at 3:41 pm

  3. I like Darkest Dungeon, which hasn’t technically been fully released but is available on Steam and is playable. Developers intentionally make it as challenging as they can without being completely random or impossible. You manage parties of adventurers dungeon diving rather than a single character. Sanity figures heavily, adding a Call of Cthulhu vibe as well.

    Mark Delano

    January 11, 2016 at 1:48 pm

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