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Top Ten List for the Year

I added it Airjudden’s Geeklist, but I should keep a copy here for reference:

  1.  Quartermaster General, 20 plays (mostly 6 player) with this. Our first game will be tough to beat, with Russia double attacking Germany and Italy on the final turn, and then US playing a redeploy to conquer both capitals on the last turn turn of the game to cause an automatic surrender despite being down a ton of points. (Italy was out of cards). I now consider the expansion automatic, but a great game and I hope to see others in the system.
  2.  Baseball Highlights: 2045 One of the high (gaming) points of the year was a twenty-eight person tournament. (9 game regular season in 3 or 4 team divisions). Also a pretty good solitaire game.
  3. Roll for the Galaxy I don’t like this as much as Race, but that’s a high bar. Still worth 25+ plays.
  4. Too Many Cinderellas Great little filler, and a fun game to explain …
  5.  Splendor Yes, I wish the strategies were more balanced, but a game with 25+ plays makes the list.
  6.  Mottainai A nice 2 player game. OK with 3.
  7.  The Grizzled Haunting cooperative game.
  8.  Space Empires: 4X A decent solitaire game, and a fun ‘fog of war’ space game. Not going to replace Eclipse, but a nice change of pace.
  9.  Codenames I like this well enough, but apparently much less than the majority of the geek.
  10.  Star Realms I played ~20 times in 3 weeks, and not much since, but I’d play it again.

Not making the list — Churchill, Spellcaster, 1714: The case for the Catalans, Automobiles (*), Eminent Domain: Microcosm, Euphoria: Build a better dystopia, Kobayakawa, King’s Forge, Nyet, Parade, Ristorante Italia, Thunder Alley, Tiny Epic Kingdoms, Voyages of Marco Polo, W1815 (*), Wings for the Baron, Xanadu, X-Com

(*) Bold games are ones that may have made the list if I got to play them a few more times.


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December 6, 2015 at 6:19 pm

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  1. Good to see you still blogging after all the years. Don’t change.

    Iain Cheyne (@Icheyne)

    December 7, 2015 at 5:37 pm

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