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I have now recorded 7500 plays on BGG

Which is about 500/year, since I signed up a tad under 15 years ago. In honor of that, I submitted my “Adjusting for Inflation” geeklist for 2011-2015, since I doubt I’ll add another game by the end of the year.

The games that got me to this milestone tonight were:

  • Eclipse w/Rise of the ancients, and we had randomly had two supernovae (which blew up on T4 and T5) and a Nebula (and I randomly rolled my race and got Alpha Centauri, who are terrible, but my opponents hadn’t played much and I got lucky. (See prior note, re: Supernovae), so I ran away with it. I should have been attacked around T5, I had early monster DNs, but nothing else at the time, but by the endgame my research advantage gave me great cruisers as well.
  • The Grizzled.
  • For Sale — which is one of those rare games I seem to be phenomenally bad at.
  • Roll for the Galaxy: Ambition — I think a few more games of this and I might venture to write about strategy. Not too many words though.

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November 9, 2015 at 10:42 pm

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