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Ignoring the Colonies the UK way

Another game of QG last night. And another lopsided game (although it did go to T18). I still think the Allies have an edge, but a game where 2 experienced players are on one side vs 1 experienced player on the other is probably going with experience.

Anyway, as the UK, here’s my rough order of turns:

  1. Fleet in the North Sea, Deploy an AF
  2. Army in North Africa, Deploy other AF (Fixed, as per Fred).
  3. Enigma away the Germans Blitzkrieg
  4. Land Battle Western Europe, (Spending an AF to kill Germany + AF), Deploy AF back to North Sea.
  5. Submarines to cost Italy & Germany 2 cards each.
  6. Land Battle Western Europe, spending AF, then on the Japanese Turn spend a bolster to get an AF in the north sea (costing my hand).
  7. Sea battle the med
  8. Land battle Western Europe, spending AF, redeploy AF from N. Africa to North Sea
  9. Drop responses to make sure the N. Sea wouldn’t fall (and several more over the next turns, also economic warfaring

The net result of all of this was that Germany spent about half his turns re-taking W. Europe (obviously Italy should have gone in there, but he was taking India). The net result was that by around T10 Moscow was attacking Germany (instead of vice versa), and by T15 the Soviets controlled a swath of land from Germany to China. The US was managing 10 points a turn by the end (E+W US, Australia, Szechaun and India).

And I, the poor UK, never scored more than 2 points a turn (excepting a bonus point from EW). But it’s a zero sum game, and denying the enemy points (indirectly, via tempo) is just as good.

The more I think about a balancing variant, the less I like VPs and the more I like bidding, but the side winning the bid has discard a X named cards from their opening hand (redraw, then reshuffle). IE, a team bids 2 for the allies. The axis name “Enigma” and “Rosie the Riveter.” If those cards are drawn, they get replaced and reshuffled. If not, c’est la vie.

(My other idea, the US starts with no unit on the board, probably needs to be balanced by giving the Axis 4 points or so to be started, b/c the US tempo will cost that much if the US opens build/build).


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October 13, 2015 at 6:40 pm

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  1. You’ve got 2) and 3) transposed. You moved into North Africa with an air force before Italy could get in there.

    Frederic Bush

    October 13, 2015 at 7:46 pm

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