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So, Bridge exploded

I’ve never been to a national Bridge tournament. Hell, I think I’ve been to one regional where I traveled more than an hour. Honestly, I only give the ACBL money its convenient but I’d be completely happy if the whole thing burned to the ground as long as I could find games. (Which reminds me, I need to ping the near experts I play with and see if we can restart our weekly game after a summer hiatus).

But at this last National tournament something interesting happened. Mike Passel – a Texas pro and #2 on the all time masterpoint list – was accused of cheating, suspended for some amount of time, and had 25% of his points taken. Then the official story was that it wasn’t cheating, just an irregularity, but the suspension/25% stood.

Now all the Texas players I know say that Passel is the only one who wasn’t cheating. Passell’s side of the story sounds like a relatively minor affair. (Yes, yes, you should always call the director for any incident, but I tend to be of the “if I can fix it myself I do.” Other’s have pointed out that’s against Bridge Law. But like real law – which it aspires to be – Bridge Law is an ass).

Then Boye Brogeland (a world class player) announces that four members of his team offered to vacate the 2014 Spingold championship, because their teammates (3rd pair) cheated. (He goes on to accuse the pair of cheating against him this year, which is what triggered him to look into it, which does give the whole thing a whiff of sour grapes). Kit Woolsey – instrumental in catching the coughing German pair – comes out tenatively in agreement, but would like some other experts to judge as well.

Then the ACBL granted a stay on Mike Passell.

Me, I need some popcorn.

Update Sunday Evening — Seen on Hmmm

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