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Two more QG and thoughts after the strategy guide

Our first game of QG had what would seem to be a near ideal UK opening:

  1. Build Navy in the North Sea+ Plane
  2. Build Army N. Africa + Plane. Then US plays Arsenal of Democracy to let the UK build Indian Ocean + India.
  3. Increased Common Wealth Support to build an Army in Australia. (This may have been T4). Now the UK is generating 6 points a turn (wah!), has the N. African chokepoint with two supply paths (!) and has bottled the Italians in the Med. In fact, the Italians had to reallocate resources to get into the med at all.

The Axis won. To be sure, the other two allies were new players (in particularly, Russia released General Winter too early and was kicked out of Moscow a second time, and Germany was generating 10 points a turn (and played Plunder on the final turn for 16 points) because as the UK, once I’d built up I didn’t actually have any good place to attack, and Italy and Japan both worked to kick me out of India. The US had practically bombed Japan out of the game by T10, but it wasn’t enough.

I consider this an excellent sign for the game.

In my second game as Germany I got a deadly opening hand:

  • 4x Land Battles
  • 2x Economic Warfare
  • 1x Build Navy
  • 2x Sea Battles (all I have!)
  • 1x Deploy Airforce
  • Operation Weserübung  (Bolster — Play at victory step, discard the top card of your deck to build an army in Scandanavia)
  • Production Initiative  (Search your deck for a status and play it).

I decided to chuck the EW, Sea Battle, Bolster and a land battle, and then go dig for Blitzkrieg (after battle, build).

In hindsight, I could have gone for the EW opening (keep both EW, Build Navy, Bolster, Production Initiative, Deploy AF and 1 Land Battles) On T1 play Build Navy and Bolster, then I can hit UK for EW – with a bonus because the  whenever I have a spare turn. Very risky, but it’s what the cards said. Pitching 3 land battles early is galling, though. But I would have dumped my hand on T1 (Navy, AF, Bolster) and gotten 3 new cards, then I could decide which status to fetch.

In any case, I got hit with Enigma and didn’t see a build army for a long time. I should have probably sucked it up and fetched one, but the idea of chucking 2-3 battles for it was galling, so that game was a route.

Still love it, though.


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August 17, 2015 at 10:55 pm

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