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Look, while I’m being annoyed

GMT did not market Churchill as a CDG, but I see it on lists of like Card driven wargames in the pipeline and I got it into my head that Churchill would be like a CDG. It’s my fault. Fine.

But it sets up an expectation, and the fact that it was a false expectation is still annoying me.

My second game was more interesting than my first, but enough people have a copy that I’m just going to eat the loss and sell mine now (probably in a few days). The game is all about implicit collusion and the rather subtle ways the chrome interacts, but the core of the game is not brilliant.

Said the annoyed person.

And if I hadn’t played Churchill, I probably would have gotten in two more games of Quartermaster General along with the three I did play, and been happier overall.

I’m probably going to write too many words about that, soon-ish.

Also, after watching it, let me just jump on the Rick & Morty Bandwagon and ask why you aren’t watching? Amazing episode this week, constantly subverting expectations and amazingly funny and would make Sterling Archer blush.


Written by taogaming

August 11, 2015 at 6:02 pm

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