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Quarter Master General: Air Marshall

My copy arrived today and after looking through the game (and shoving pieces around) my gut tells me that I should lay off the Mexican food. Also, lots of fun. The expansion adds a more fluid tempo to the game. The Air units can be dropped (or moved) in addition to a normal play, and given up as defender instead of their base piece. This means that you don’t have “Build into a space,” “get knocked out,” repeat until one player runs out of relevant cards. The AF lets you build into a space & drop an AF, then take the AF as a casualty (but your opponent can sac their adjacent AF to then knock out the original piece) and then attack next turn.

Bolsters work similarly, just another card play that can happen in addition to normal ones. Combined with those you can have much faster expansions.

And the new opening is “Draw 12 discard 5.” (I still think a great idea is to take that as the core idea for a great simple wargame. Draw X, discard down to Y, play all the cards, repeat a few times.

With the much bigger decks (you add 8-11 cards, I think, but only draw 2 more at the start) that means that you risk not seeing a key status, but I suspect in increases variability. Once you really know the game I


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July 30, 2015 at 8:39 pm

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