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The Other Games of the Gathering

I’ve already reviewed the two best games of the Gathering (Baseball Highlights 2045 and Quartermaster General), but I did play other new games, and they are worth a few words.

My favorite of the “rest of them” was Too Many Cinderellas, a japanese minigame that I’d say needs a touch more development, but at 10 minutes, I don’t care. A delightful theme that I’m sure the US reprint will neuter. I saw a copy for auction for $30 (for a game with 16 cards and 10 tokens), and I was tempted to bid. Suggest.

King of New York is a fine King of Tokyo variant. Roll through the Ages: The Iron Age is a fine RttA variant. If you want more variety from the originals, the sequels work.

1714: The Case of the Catalans deserves a full review, but I’m not up to it now.  A nice multiplayer war/euro. I think after another game or two it will fall to indifferent but I did enjoy it.

I’m indifferent to the rest; but some are better than others. In rough order of how I liked them.

Indifferent games that may be worth your time (and that I’d play again, but aren’t quite suggest).

The Voyages of Marco Polo — The only Euro I played all week. Every group seemed to think that something was broken, but it seemed fine to me. A dice-based worker placement where rolling low and high are both acceptable (and an all low roll gets compensation).

Xanadu — Xanadu felt clever, you build buildings, which get you goods and points depending on how they are used, but they’ll all get used up quickly. In many ways, it reminded me of a streamlined Dry Gulch, (no board, but lots of things you may need). And hey, a game made in South America about building in Ancient China? However, the lack of planning and big swing based on when the game ends kept me from loving it. But I liked it well enough, worth checking out.

Mysterium — More of an activity than a game (IMO), but a pleasant activity.

Spell Caster — Actually pretty good, but I prefer Star Realms or some other game for my two player card-based duels.

Las Vegas — If I ever try to learn some of the more technical algorithms for machine learning, this would make a good guinea pig game, I think.  A clever dice game — each casino (number 1-6) has some bills placed on it. On your turn you roll your dice and must pick a number you rolled and place all the dice with on that casino. A few of your dice are neutral, and at the end of the round all players on each casino that are tied are removed, and then the player with the most dice gets the best bill and so on. Nice to see a dice game with just a single roll and a decision, and the decision may not be obvious (although it is sometimes).

Indifferent Games I’m not likely to play again:

Linko / Abluxxen — Nothing wrong with it, just a little card game.

Kniffel Master — The world’s best Yahztee game, which is a bit like saying “The world’s most dangerous frog.” (Yes, but still a frog).

Tiny Epic Kingdoms — I’ll happily admit that I was predisposed to dislike this game and I’m biased. I suspect if I’d played it in a better mood I’d bump it up to indifferent. My review “I disliked this game.”



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