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With the latest Sentinals stuff I have 6 099 600 different scenarios to play, assuming I don’t care about the order of the heroes and ignoring variant heroes. (Team Leader Tachyon is too good, although I do like the variant Legacies…). So the general rule is that each expansion gets me to add 10-20 plays, and increases the number of combinations geometrically. I’m also ignoring the teams of villains possibilities, which I admit I didn’t care for but the next expansion may change that, but if I do start counting it the number of scenarios will get big fast.

By those numbers I’m 0.00137 % done with this game. I’ll probably hit 100 plays this year.

Thoughts on the new stuff:

  • I dislike Guise, although it helps me understand why Deadpool is so popular. Fun character (“I’m hardboiled, but not like the egg. Like a detective.”) just not fun to play in this game. (Although he’s great with Team Leader Tachyon. As are all characters). Skyscraper is your Ant Man / Apache Chief size changer.
  • Captain Cosmic is pretty good, although some villains eat him for breakfast. Against many villains he spams a lot of cards which means a lot of effects. Since I normally play two characters this slows things down.
  • It’s nice to have another variant victory. Deadline is trying to destroy the environment, which he does by removing the environment cards from the game, and wins if there’s no deck. Haven’t tried Kaargra Warfang, Progeny or the Wager Master yet.
  • We were destroyed quickly by Infinitor, then had a different group beat him in a rematch.
  • The Enclave of the Endlings is …. odd. The Omnitron IV environment seemed bland the one time I tried it.

Sentinels is the proof that “Varietal” expansions work indefinitely.


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April 26, 2015 at 10:12 pm

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  1. Playing against Omnitron within the Omnitron environment might spice that up a bit, because the effects that key off drones in play count both the environment’s drones and the villain’s.

    I’ve only gotten two plays in with Captain Cosmic, and they were both against villains who cleared low HP hero targets every turn without blinking. I’m mulling over who would be a more even match.


    April 27, 2015 at 7:45 am

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