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Roll for the Galaxy

Felt like Race. Played a game, somewhat got it, played a few more. Started (barely) to look at other people’s stuff by the 3rd game. Thought “Well, I’ll pick up a copy at the Gathering.” Left gaming. Woke up wondering how many permutations of starting positions a player can have (trivial, but I didn’t examine components to come up with the raw numbers) and how many different starting positions a 5 player game could have (shouldn’t be much harder, but I’m rusty on combinatorics), went to work, realized that my yearly bonus paycheck is huge and being deposited this week, came home and ordered a copy.

So I’ll have something to write about. For ya’ll.

I was thinking it had a different feel, with a different ebb and flow, but in thinking about it this morning I realize that it’s quite similar. A melody transposed, perhaps with some harmonics. The gain and lose dice in the cup is similar to having an empty hand, but you also have that with the stacks of devs/planets. So, in that sense, well done.

I may even read the rules. (I tried to do that when I saw a prototype a few years ago and my eyes glazed over. Ditto when RGG published them. I don’t know why. They just).

It probably helps that I drew Malevolent Lifeforms my first game.


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February 10, 2015 at 4:39 pm

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  1. There are 9 of each of the two- and one-piece starting tiles. So there are 81 initial player-positions. There are about 228 million different sets of positions for five players if order matters (which it can in some odd situations.) …to within my ability to multiply.

    The rules are very well written. I only spotted one place which I thought was confusing.


    February 10, 2015 at 8:07 pm

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