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2014 Year in Review

It’s a bit early to be writing one of these, but why not?

Bridge is (of course) my most played game of the year. I won’t get to 100 sessions, but I may hit 90.


  • Bridge
  • Pandante — My 2014 Game of the Year.
  • Netrunner — There’s a group that plays on Mondays, so I may start playing more.
  • Mage Knight (mainly solo, some coop)


  • Sentinels of the Multiverse
  • Race for the Galaxy
  • Love Letter
  • Coup
  • Dominion (All in one weekend with out of town friends. I should play this more).
  • Arena: Roma II
  • Machi Koro (probably, I still have time)


  • Puzzle Strike
  • Sail to India

Not a bad mix, at all. I’ve currently played 75 distinct games, which is lower than most years. I’m definitely not in the mood to try new things. There are some great games I didn’t play this year (like Eclipse) that I need to play again. I also need to work on my 50 by 50 games.


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December 20, 2014 at 4:45 pm

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