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I can’t remember the last time ….

I walked into a game store and bought two games I’d never played.

Sentinel Tactics is the board game for Sentinels of the Multiverse. I was vaguely aware that this was coming out, saw it (and the expansion) in the store. I don’t have many rules, but one of them is that if I’ve played a game 75+ times, I’m not going to be too wary purchasing something else. Quick thoughts:

  1. It’s a nice amount of stuff and not expensive. Minis sold separately.
  2. The rules say “And once you master the basics you can play advanced scenarios.” But, unless I missed it, there are no basic scenarios. Presumably you divide into two teams and pound each other, but for how long? If you are incapacitated you just lose a turn and come back, so presumably you have to incapacitate the opponents some number of times?
  3. This feels like one of those games where everyone is overpowered. We played the “Baron Blade must go around the city and destroy some things before the heroes knock him out several times” and Baron Blade’s “Hey, I can teleport” card made it pretty easy, once I just gave up fighting and went rampaging. Then again, The Wraith’s “Hey, I ignore 6 points of range” or “Hey, I can retreat after attacks are declared” all some great. (Absolute Zero sucks, of course, but that’s just thematic).
  4. You don’t get the ridiculous number of combos of even the Sentinels base set, because the map is just a map, and doesn’t have cool random events.
  5. The insert might be the most useless one I’ve seen in a while.

Look, there’s no way that this is as cool as Sentinels. It’s OK. But it plays up to 8 players (although I suspect you’d have to love it to do that) and it’s relatively cheap (both base+expansion were $60 at full retail, which is cheap these days, especially for that value).

Rating — TBD. The first scenario was a bit of a snooze.

I really don’t read BGG anymore. I’m not sure it’s blocked at my new job, but I do know that they are more vigilant than at most jobs I’ve had and I’m actually busy most of the time anyway. But I’d heard of Machi Koro and thought “Why not?” (Going to a bridge tournament and spending $11/session makes a $30 board game seem cheap). All I remembered about Machi Koro is that it’s vaguely Settler’s esque. And it is. You roll dice, do the effects and maybe buy a card. Cards usually give you money. At some point you can buy improvements and if you buy all four of your improvements you win. The clever part is that you roll one die at the start of the game, but one improvement lets you roll two dice if you want (which opens up more buildings). I suspect there are dominant strategies (so much so that when I go to BGG to read the forums, which I haven’t done yet, I expect this will be the first complaint I see.

Hm… nope. I guess we’re just in a rut. (The TaoLing will often latch onto a strategy that wins until I decide to prove to him the flaw in it. His strategy was Convenience Store + Shopping Mall. Of course, in our last game he never rolled a four, which I guess is the problem with that).

However, I do see a variant where you don’t have all the buildings available at one time (“Deal out buildings until you have 10 piles, then stop, no matter how many are in each pile. Whenever you deplete a pile deal out more until you have 10 piles again”). But it may only work with the expansion.

Look, this is not a particularly deep game, but it’s a pretty fast one, and we’ve played four times for a game I’ve owned four hours.

Rating — Suggest (as a filler).


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