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Final Labor Day Gaming Things and Pandante Non-Notes

I could write a lot about Pandante …. but it is a gambling game. So I’m just writing that for me to clarify my thoughts (at least near term). I will say this. If you are playing Pandante as a game, double the starting money and double the victory conditions (or maybe not double, but make them 1.5 as much). The base game can end fairly quickly with few players and you invoke the magic gold fairy too often, which feels gamey. Doubling the starting money makes it feel more like poker. The game will take longer of course. Just play until you decide you don’t want to. Like poker.

Our local game evolved a fair amount just over this weekend. I wonder how people who’ve played hundreds of hours are doing. (Another reason not to publish). Does anyone play online?

Played games — Power Grid, Glory to Rome, Concept, Tichu, Celebrities, Pandante.  Concept really does have terrible cards. In what world is Jumanji a ‘medium’ concept to get via iconic charades but Pride and Prejudice hard?

“Book. Female. Love. Group. Old.” Took like 15 seconds. But the core concept is great.

As is BoJack Horseman. (The show. Bojack himself is, well, not good. I’ll probably rewatch the first season when the second season gets close to airing.)

Celebrities — ah old friend, I have missed you.


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September 1, 2014 at 9:50 pm

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