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I started to work out some odds (If you start with a pair, the odds of flopping at least a set are 23%)[1], but it doesn’t matter much because you never pay to see the flop.

Of more practical interest is how the game works with higher numbers. We’ve actually seen some folding on the turn and river (I rather like the terms they have for those, splash/paws/tail, but I’ll stick with general poker terms). After all, sticking around with the 5th best hand or so is not free. I also see hopelessness ability calls which lets you cycle your hand once for free and then again if it misses.

As a non-gambling game, there is some weirdness as people do ‘end of game’ stuff. I think it may be better (as a game) to raise the winning score (which is roughly someone doubling-tripling up based on number of players) and make it a freezeout tournament. That has player elimination, but we have 20-30 people at gaming, so no big deal.

Taught this three times yesterday. I’m officially proselytizing.

[1] (1 minus ((54 choose 3) / (59 choose 3)) ) (In English, take the number of possible three card flops from the remainder of the deck that do not have any of the 5 matching cards (4 + joker), divide by all possible 3 card flops. That’s the odds of a flop without a set, so then subtract it from one).


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