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I need to find a good way to balance Dungeon Lords as a solo quest

Been playing a lot of solo Mage Knight (while the kids are away, and Jacqui is now working a non-standard schedule). I really like the Dungeon Lords scenario … lots of dungeons means lots of spells and artifacts. But how to make it a solo?

Removing one of each tile still means you can have to deal with a lot of tombs (depending on the number of monasteries). My first game had every monastery show up in the country side, and was night impossible. One possibility is to let the game go to the 3rd night. But I think the other answer is to make the FIRST monastery only produce a secret dungeon (brown token) instead of a secret tomb (dragon token). That way there won’t be a nigh impossible dragon that you have to double back to deal with later.

If I ever do play competitive, I’m going to suggest this scenario. (Or as a coop when the TaoLing returns). Ending a game with ~15 spells and artifacts is amusing.


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August 3, 2014 at 12:17 pm

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